My Drag best friends BIG surprise

My best friend moved in with me last summer and it has been great and eye opening. He does drag and since the pandemic all the drag clubs closed. But we improvised, and every Friday night we put on a one man drag show on Instagram from my basement. My family trade is dress making and I’ve always made his dresses since he started. So one week my air went out and we are doing the show trying not to die from heat exhaustion. I’m topless titty sweat dripping everywhere. And he is being a trooper in these elaborate gowns. Once we are done I go up stairs and lay in front of the industrial fan naked. As I’m running upstairs he asks if I mind if he gets nude. Of course I don’t care he’s gay I’ve seen dicks before. But he gets upstairs and sits down beside me and I see his huge beautiful black smooth long thick dick, my eyes jumped out my head cartoon style. And of course I asked how they fuck do you tuck that thing. I was serious but he just laughed. After that I’ve been obsessed with it. I stared being nude all the time so he would to so I could see it all the time. I sparkle and add flare to his tights while he wears them so I can touch it. But two weeks ago I found something amazing, he has an only fans. So now I’m paying him twenty dollars a month to make me cum. And last nights video was worth every penny. He was oiling his body and rubbing his cock while talking and said “I’m going to show you all my favorite trick”. He grabbed the base of his hard cock, propped his feet against the table and slid his dick in his mouth. I started cumming without touching myself. And he kept sucking, I grabbed my vibrator stuffed my pillowcase in my mouth and when came in his mouth my body jerked like I was having a seizure. I have never came that hard. I wish he was a little Bi so I could choke on his beautiful dick.

4 months ago

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