Mentally retarded Brother

I have a brother that is over 30 in between but his brain stoped when he was 11/12. So he is a grown mqn with a childs mind.

My parents did not want to give him in a clinic or a nursing home and they brought him to my dad's mom. She lived out in the country with some chicken, dogs and goats. and she loved having some company and someone to care for.

On the way to a vacation at the sea, my husband and I had a stopover with them last year. She had a guestroom in the house and our kids were happy to sleep in the barn on the hay. We stayed for a week and we could see how well they got along.

my brother even did a lot of chores on the farm and so was a good help for grandma, who did not get younger. When we visited, she must have been 75/76.

The first thing we witnessed happened after 3 days of our stay. we came into the barn, wanting to get our kids to do some shopping. We did not believe our eyes when we saw our son, who was 12 then, fucking one of the goats with his sister watching him.

As he told us later, he saw my brother doing that all the time. He did all the female goats and he jerks and sucks off the dogs too. I scared asked our 9 year old daghter but sie only watched, never did anything.

We tried to have a talk with grandmy but she shook her head and told us, he's a man even when he is retarded and he has needs.

What that meant, we saw on the last day of our stay. Luckily the kids were outside playing. We sat in the kitchen having some coffee and cake and planning the rest of our trip, when my brother came inside. He only had a shirt on, nothing else and he had an erection.

He went to our grandma and told her, that she had forbidden to use the goats and now he needed some help. with that he took up his shirt and presented his cock. Grandma looked at us and her look said something like "I told you!" then she shrugged her shoulders went down on her knees and took my brothers cock in her mouth.

Yes, she did it. She sucked him off with us watching. She took his whole cock and at least she swallowed. later she told us, the first time she did that because she had regretted him and he has been 13, starting puberty. Thah with the goats she teached him then

We had a lot to think about on the rest of our trip. And we caught our kids making out all the time.


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  • Sounds to me like they're both helping each other get what they need to me.

  • <<< tunes up banjo again. Here's one I wrote called " Get Down on Your Knees Granny and Suck That Mashed-up Boy " It's a known fact that retard cum will make you younger. That old bitch will look 65 the next time you see her !

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