My brothers wife

My older brother is 28 and his wife is a sexy 26yo dirty blonde. I go over to his house often just to hangout and smoke and chill. I’m 22 and single atm. I’ve always wanted to see his wife naked or a downshirt or something but hasn’t happened yet. Few weeks ago when I was over I went to the bathroom in their bed room and seen her panties in the dirty clothes. I grabbed them and seen a little white spot on the crotch and I sniffed them and omg I loved it. I sat on the toilet and jacked off sniffing them. Went back over a few days later and done the same with another pair that was more thick spot on them. I knew I couldn’t keep going to their bathroom every time and they get suspicious bc there is a bathroom in the hallway. I put her thong in my pocket and took it home. I’ve smelled it so much and jacked off plenty times but now the smell is gone and I’m addicted lol. I’ll be trying to get another pair next time I’m over.

Jul 13
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    • I have sniffed. licked and sucked on quite a number of used panties of my relatives. But the best one was one of my aunts - after enjoying the aroma of the crotch area, licking and chewing, I masturbated wrapping my cock with it ...

    • My sister in-law has caught me multiple times sniffing her dirty panties, she’s even confronted me on the missing ones. I flirt with her all the time, even coping a cheap feel. She’s informed me in passing that she just took a shower, and I would run upstairs and take her dirty panties or clothes. One year she’s given me a special gift, she handed it to me and said these better not get out in the open.. when I opened it, I was a little disappointed, it was a shower set for Christmas, body wash, and lotion. When I got home and took it out of the box, I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was these 2 pictures that just dropped to the floor, one of her in a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit, and the other totally nude, but her hand covered her breast and vag. On the back of the picture it said you can have this outfit after I surprise Mike with it. Been 14 years now, and nothing has happened between us.

    • Bro that's hot. I've done this many times with different girls. Nothing gives me a bigger rush than finding a dirty pair with a streak. I lick them and can sometimes literally taste their pussy.

    • That’s fucking hot. I’d love to smell her asshole on her panties as I beat off my thick cock

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