I tried at home, but…..

Im already tingling before I start writing this. I’m a 35 yr old professional woman in finance, married over 10 years. Hubby is an electrician. Sex with hubby is ok but not great. Very vanilla….missionary, doggie, wham bam 12 minutes. Occasionally I cum, he always does. I’m more sexually adventurous than he is, or at least I want to be.

I suggested spicing things up but he’s not interested. I suggested we role play that he picks me up at a bar then takes me home and fucks my brains out. No. I suggested we set up a glory hole and pretend I’m a slut at a video booth. No. I suggested we pretend I’m a client at a house where he’s doing electrical work and I seduce him and he pounds me next to the circuit breakers. No.

Ok, now for the good part and I’m getting very wet to tell my secret. No Well, I happen to travel on business 5-6 times a year. Usually 1-2 nights each time. I decided if I can’t get the fantasy at home, I’m going for the real thing on the road. I’ve now done the bar pickup thing many times. Always great mindless anonymous sex. I’ve actually gone to video booths and sucked off strangers. I went to the hotel gym and pretended to be clueless about the equipment in order to pick up a guy and give him a blowjob (in a men’s locker room shower stall). I once gave a guy a hand-job and snuck in a bit of bj before he blew his load under a blanket on a night flight where the plane was half empty. I once checked into my hotel very late due to flight delays (it was super slow and quiet) and was flirting with the attractive and very fit college kid night clerk. When he asked how many keys I’d need (standard question) I told him two….one for me and one for him, and as I said it I gave him a serious fuck-me look. Five minutes after I got to my room there was a quick knock on the door, then he used the key to come in and ripped off the bra and panties I was in, threw me on the bed and gave me the hardest deepest pounding ever until he exploded. Very hot and urgent. I wish it had been an hour, but he was alone on the desk.

My husband does not know about any of this and while I feel guilty, I also know I tried doing it the right way. I love naughty erotic sex and this satisfies my need. I even enjoy sex more with hubby now because I imagine he’s one of my travel lovers. I know it’s very wrong but I don’t care.

Jun 28
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    • If you are sexually adventurous go for dog-sex - the ultimate dimension of human sexuality!

    • Damn! You really went for it. I had something kind of similar happen, although it wasn’t planned and was a one-time thing. I was attending an out of state family funeral and my very unsexy husband of 28 years did not join me. It was quite late and I had had a few glasses of wine in my hotel room when the tv suddenly just went to fuzzy screen. I fiddled with it but finally called the front desk. The guy they sent was a stone cold stud. Good looking, younger than my 52 years, and well-muscled. The wine got me flirty and before I knew it I was on my back with my legs spread and up on his strong broad shoulders and I want to tell you that man could fuck!! He wasn’t as well endowed as my husband but he was so powerful and just knew what he was doing and what he wanted and he took it. It all lasted just 20 minutes or so but I came twice and was on my back, on all fours, riding on top, and then bent over a easy-chair when he finally came. I never knew his name and he never did fix the tv but I didn’t care. Lol

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    • Fuck off was-wipe

    • I'm a fairly nice-looking guy, but I know I'm also a whore. I will fuck anything in a tight skirt and heels. And I have too. I have fucked some really ugly women. As long as they are built nice, I don't care what they look like, I will fuck them. Some of the women I've fucked were just young teenage girls wanting their first dick, others were much older women who wanted dick for the last time. Many I didn't even know their names. But that just made the sex that much better. One thing about women though, they can't suck dicks worth a dam. After a while I started noticing a few trans women around the block that looked really good in tight skirts and heels, and yes, they were built really nice, so I started fucking them too. They can fuck really good and the best thing about being with a tranny is, they give the best blow jobs I have ever had. They make me cum many more times than I can with a real woman. And we do so many nasty things together. Things I used to only dream about. Things I could never do with real women. They would say I was too nasty, or too freaky. Once I wanted to see my trans friend get fucked by another guy and instantly, she made it happen. That would happen with a real woman. I just love sex. I'm a whore.

    • I want to use your asshole for my please .....

    • Maybe your old man is already getting strange before you. No man is going to say no to pussy, especially the kinky stuff, so it’s probably you.

    • Maybe, but all the guys on the road don’t seem to think so.

    • Bravo! You go girl. Get what you want when you want it.

      I can’t wait to try the front desk scenario

      Way to go!

    • You go girl

    • Good for you, no regrets. You’re getting what you need instead of pent up frustration. You tried with your partner & got shut down. I guess he’s just not interested in exploring the wild side

    • Nice stories by what sounds like a proper slut

    • Oh I do love being called a slut. I don’t know if my promiscuity qualifies me as one, but it’s erotic and kinky to think so.

    • So hot! I only wish I crossed paths with someone like you. I would give you what you want and more!

    • You are fortunate - being a woman!
      Picture a husband in the same situation - and add a once very sexy minded & hot-bodied mate has now gone 100% frigid....for the past 17 yrs.
      I'm too stupid to have affairs!....and if I reversed the situation - not being interested in doing anything with her for 17 yrs - pretty sure she'd be having boyfriends.
      Women rule this planet!

    • Yes we do. We have the treasure everyone wants between our legs

    • Not forever. I am 62 and my wife gave me an ultimatum during a silly little argument. Told here power of the pussy is over and it is. Found men who suck better.

    • Lol….I think it’s so funny when women threaten to withhold sex. Newsflash ladies….there are roughly 4 billion pussies and 4 billion female mouths on the planet and it’s not that difficult to find new ones. Careful what you threaten.

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