Hot wife

I want to see my wife fucked by animals.

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  • My ex wife some years ago let our dog lick her while she was sucking my dick. She had several orgasms and I came in her throat. We talked about it afterwards and both agreed that it was pretty hot and erotic.
    After about a week I started talking to her about trying to get the dog to mount her and the longer we talked the hornier we both became and she and I got the dog back to our room where she began playing with him until his big red and purple dick camo out and she started jacking him off.
    After awhile I talked her in to trying it and once she was on her hands and knees I got our dog to mount her and with my help guided his big dick in to her dripping wet slit and he fucked her but she couldn`t take his knot and she quickly moved forward taking his dick out of her.
    We tried three more times over the weekend until she finally took his knot and his huge load and they stayed hooked up for about 20 minutes. When he finally came out of her cum poured out of her pussy and he licked her clean.
    She and I showered and had great sex in the shower and later that night she wanted him again so we tried it with the same results. After that about two or three times a week our dog would knot in her and cum while I fucked her mouth and it was the hottest sex I ever had.

  • I make my wife fuck niggers, close enough.

  • Me too and one of those niggers made her suck off a dog.

  • Great post. Love watching a small white girl taken a huge cock. Love to watch her pussy stretch.

  • That's hot. My wife fucks dogs and some small horses. She has tried other animals but prefers the dogs and horses. I love watching them ram their dicks in her.

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