I Honestly did not Know they actually existed

I had the strangest experience this past weekend. Only my first month here and I walked down to the pub. Now my job requires me to be in top physical condition and I not only take that seriously, but I also enjoy working out too and I am buff.
So at the pub this lady starts to talk to me, really flirting and saying how she liked my muscles.
Then she invites me back to her house. We had a nightcap and some kissing and off comes the clothes and into the bedroom we go.
This woman really was good at sex, but I sort of was feeling like someone was watching us. I glanced to the bottom of the bed and there was this guy sitting in a chair watching us.
I stopped, but she says don't worry all he likes to do is watch, which I might add wasn't all that true.
I'm sort of turned on by this kink and I go back to fucking this woman and she's really getting into it and vocal and orgasm and a little later I unload in her.
So this dude goes and gets us drinks and sits back at the bottom of the bed and conducts sort of an interview with me, while she is hugging on me and playing on my dick.
Then she goes in the bathroom and I was going to get dressed and leave, but he say your messy and proceeds to start sucking my dick, as she comes back, she says it's alright luv, he loves to do that, and to him says be a good lad and do him right.
I thought shit like this is just stories on sites like this

Mar 1

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    • I happen to be one of those guys who loves to suck off a guy that has just finished fucking my wife. Usually my wife tells me to and she will kiss and make out with the guy as I suck and clean his cock for him my wife will get on top of him so he can't see me and once he is good and hard she will push me away and she rides the cock that I just sucked back to a hardon.

    • You're fucking a married woman, what do you think might happen. Surprised he didn't gobble up that delicious creampie.

    • All I can say is no shit Dick Tracy. She never told me that she was married and then just maybe I wouldn't have gone home with her.

    • Yes you would have and so would I! I don't give a fuck who watches or joins in. You did good letting him gobble your dick! You should return for round 2 and see if you can eat his seed out of his wife! You done passed the weirdness part. Have fun!

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