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Shocked by my Sister

Been visiting my older sister and she has a Black Lab. He's a purebred and she studs him for extra money. Problem is that he's always trying to sniff my crotch and trying to hump my leg when I'm watching TV, which is really embarrassing. My sister thinks it's funny when he does it and she says that's just the way male dogs are with women when they... [more]

My love for dog sex

Well my name is Sandy, and experience all started when I was about 14 yrs old. I was on the back deck of our house playing. I started hearing strange sounds coming from my older sisters open bedroom window. I walked up to the window looked in and was getting ready to ask what she was doing, Then I seen for myself.
Now my older sister, Sara... [more]

My wife is not happy with our sex life

My wife and I have a decent sex life. Goes in spurts but we generally enjoy it when it happens. Were married 8 years, I’m 42, she’s 37. We are an attractive couple.
This morning when we woke up, after talking about sex we had last nite, she said that she was thinking of “spicing things up” a little bit. I asked her what she meant, and she said... [more]

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Driving Naked

I like to drive naked.
I especially like when the sun is streaming across my tits and I can drive in light traffic with the windows down and the sunroof open.
I like getting thumbs-up from guy-- usually they're in trucks a bit taller than my car because they can see all of me.
Once, a guy waved money out his car window and followed me a... [more]

How did you lose your virginity?

I heard that the way that some people lose their virginity isn't the way that they imagined it. It was that way for me, but I wanted to know if some people had a good experience.

Dog sex?

Im 15 and own a St Bernard. We breed him for a small fee. Basically this one time I had just got out of the shower and I felt a bit horny so I started masturbating. I was home alone so didn't bother to try to keep my moans quiet.
Anyway our St B. walks in and over to me. I'm on the edge of the bed and suddenly I feel his tongue on my vagina. I'm... [more]

I caught our son

You won't believe me but I caught our son fucking a hen last weekend. We've been on holidays for a week on a farm in the Netherlands (we're german). Our son seemed happy being there. One morning I found him in his bed with a egg in his hand. he acted a bit as if he has been caught.
I have to abmit, that me and my husband know that our boy has... [more]

Would you eat another person?

If you could eat another person--alive or dead, cooked or raw, whole or in pieces, willing or not--and knew you wouldn't get caught or punished, would you? If so, who would you eat, and how? I know I would, and I'd roast my niece alive and take my time savoring every bite of her.

Horny motorbike ride

So my car broke down a few weeks ago and I was finding it hard to commute to and from work on public transport while my car was being repaired. A woman who works in the same office as me offered me a lift as we live fairly near to each other. Thats handy you might think....only thing is she rides a motorbike to/from work. I was a bit reluctant at... [more]

I'm Horrified !

I was cleaning in my husband's study and I made a terrible discovery. I found a hiding spot a secret place in his desk. At first I was like what's this. I found several magazines. Dirty disgusting magazines. Magazines that are gay in nature with pictures of men performing oral and anal sex on each other and kissing one another. I was utterly... [more]

Eight legs and hairy

A few years ago when I was an 18 year old boy, it was early fall and I took long walk in the wooded part of the park next to our house. I went about half a mile and stopped to look at something moving in the thick brush. Suddenly out came the biggest black hairy spider, it was huge, it was the size of a Shetland pony. I wanted to run but couldn't... [more]


What is it about shemales, I'm 100% not gay but find shemales so fascinating, I love watching them cum. I'm a pussy man so why do I find shemales a turn on?

Son's friends have been masturbating in my room

I think my son's friends have been jerking off in my room and ejaculating inside my drawers. Im a single mother and I work in an office and Im usually back home around 8pm. My son gets home from school at around 4 and sometimes he brings his friends to the house, they are all around 13 years old.
I know Im an attractive woman, Im 34 and I take... [more]

Man gave me money to give me a blow job

Would you let a guy suck your dick if he paid you lots of money ? I did when I was just starting puberty and he gave me 1 hundreds dollars and more every time after .

I want to be gang raped and pimped out

I have this desire to be kidnapped while walking home from the store. I want to be drugged and gang raped, being constantly filled with cum. I want the same men who took me to pimp me out, and then months later drop me off on a random street with a little bit of money.


My wife wants to see me get fucked in my asshole by another guy while she sucks my cock.

How hairy is to hairy

First I’m a big fan of a hairy pussy, I’m a member of a gym that has a wet spa, I’ve only used it a few times.
It was really quiet yesterday not many people using it, I thought why not.
I was relaxing in one of the pods and this lady walked in wearing a one piece swimsuit, as she came down the steps I noticed her legs were really hairy and I... [more]

Sleeping sex

Is it strange to do things and not remember? When i sleep or am drunk, i am told i perform sexual acts. I have very vivid dreams that make me hard, but in the morning, im naked and cum covered. My wife tells me i am either doing things to her or masterbating in my sleep

Mother pressed herself against my crotch

I went to visit mom a while back and we had some drinks after supper. Music was playing and I was cracking jokes and what not. My aunt was there to, then out of nowhere, my mom hugged me, pressing her pelvis against my crotch... and I got a slight chuby... and she stayed there hugging with her body pressed against my crotch long enough for me to... [more]

The new guy next door grossed me out

I helped my new neighbor next door bring a new couch into his house. He's a single middle aged guy. He caught me cutting my lawn and asked me to give him a hand. I went with him and we brought the couch in. He offered me a drink, I declined saying I have work to do. He said would you like a fast blow job? Uh what I said, can I blow you he asked... [more]


I'm a male and like to trim my pubic area. But I also shave my asshole. I like to be clean down there and always use baby wipes. Any other men do this.


I know I am not the only one; but I need confirmation. Who among you enjoy being naked with the possibility of getting caught? For instance I will fetch my mail downstairs while completely nude. Anyone could exit their apartment at any time. Or I will take out the garbage in the next building, outside, nude. I went shopping at the grocery wearing... [more]

Dog gets lucky while i Slept

Woke up at 3am, having to pee like a race horse. As I'm peeing, I realize that my girlfriend wasn't in bed yet. She works late but normally is in bed by 2. After flushing, I walk into the hallway and hear low moaning. I start creeping slowly towards the living room, and when I got to end of hallway, there was my girlfriend naked on all fours on... [more]

Humiliated in front of my girlfriend

A few months ago I had a physical confrontation with my girfriend's ex in front of her, which I posted it here as well. I did not get physically hurt, but he was able to block me more than once and eventually he made me ask to get free. I think he enjoyed showing my girlfriend that he was stronger. I later found out that he knows karate. My... [more]

Is it normal?

Is it weird if you have a feeling to have sex with a younger sibling when you are 15?

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