Our daughters new profession

Our daughter amellia recently came home and told me and her mother that she'd started appearing in adult movies,its every parents worst nightmare,we both tried to talk her out of it but she was adamant this was what she was going to do,im enjoying it she says and it's only sex! Amellia is 20 years old so what could we do,after all she's an adult! I want you to see me performing as obviously word is going to get about about what I'm doing she said and I don't want you getting embarrassed over it! We go to the living room and amellia takes a dvd from her bag and puts it in the dvd player,the opening titles come up with who's in the film and stills of the actors,amellia appears with a few other girls and then the men,and they were all black! Nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen! Amellia is sunbathing by a pool when 3 black guys break into the house! She goes in to see what's going on and then it happens! We're watching our daughter sucking on 3 monster black dicks! I knew what was coming next,being a bloke!! They gangbang her !! To her credit she looked a natural at it as we watched her taking it in her holes!! I was just thinking about the lads down the pub watching my daughter getting hammered!! So what do you both think she said as cum drips from her face on the TV! Why couldn't she just work in a bank!!

14 days ago

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    • I know. I am embarrassed. Our daughter did the same. We watched and she was terrible. Not only could she not act she could not fuck!

    • The most amusing thing is that during british rule and immediate aftermath ceylon/ sri lanka exported professionals to asian countries like Malaysia Singapore. NOW it exports sinhala housemaids laboureres thieves and crooks and also s** slaves to the Middle East countries

      In addition the sinhalas take pride in their housemaids working in chinese households wiping chinese arses in singapore in their national papers.

      ALSO MY VIEW ISWHAT THE FUSS WHEN THE PAKIS RECENTLY KILLED A SINHALA GUY AND BURNED HIM when they have been doing the same thing to tamil peoples in sri lanka. KARMA is a b****!!!!

    • You’ve been taking too many symphonic cocks in your ass. Your brain is a festering maggot den.

    • What is her porn name?
      If she is as good as you say she is, she's already working with BBCs and you are comfortable watching her perform, you should ask her to take you to her next filming.
      There is a popular category in porn when a girl brings home a black guy or guys and has sex in front of her dad.
      A good agent could get you both $ by billing the video as a 'real father watches daughter'.
      If your wife is comfortable with the situation, she could come along and it could be a 'mother & father watch their daughter with a BBC.'
      It would be a great way to show support for your daughter and her new career. Something to consider.

    • Ex boyfriends humiliation

      I caught my boyfriend kissing some girl with his hand down her pants a few weeks ago and beat his ass right in front of her and told him we were over .A few days later he started texting me but I ignored him.a week or so after that he just showed up at my house crying and begging me to take him back. I had found another boyfriend already but and I knew that he didnt know so I figured why not have some fun with him one last time so I let him come up to my room. Carl begged and pleaded with me to forgive him saying he would do anything I wanted if I forgave him and took him back. We had a lot of fun together and did a lot of crazy s*** and he told me every one of his sick nasty fantasies .We had some fun doing alot together ,he let me dress him up in my skirte and heels and I did his hair and makeup and made him look so slutty. Going out for walks was a lot of fun especially when I told him I was going to take him to the mall so all his friends could see him all dressed up .The closer we got the more excited he became but he said he couldnt do it because he was terrified that I would leave him there in the mall for everyone to see

    • My wife stared in about 30 adult movies when she was in college to pay the bills. When we started getting serious, she told me about doing it and we watched all of the movies one weekend. Seeing her being fucked by two or more men in every movie was difficult at first but then I decided that what she did was before we got together and I kept getting hard watching her being fucked by all of the men. She told me that I wasn't the smallest that had fucked her but I was definitely in the smaller half and maybe in the smallest quarter. I couldn't believe that she was still so tight after having all of those big dicks in her. After we were married, I convinced her to contact the guys that made the movies and make some more if they were interested. She has since made six movies and two were gangbang. 33 more men have fucked her. I love watching her being fucked.

    • Great career move!
      Why should she work at a bank when she can make bank while being a sperm bank?
      Sounds like she already has a line of customers ready to make a deposit!

    • Lol.. work in a bank.

    • A spank bank!

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