Strange Confessions

Shocked by my Sister

Been visiting my older sister and she has a Black Lab. He's a purebred and she studs him for extra money. Problem is that he's always trying to sniff my crotch and trying to hump my leg when I'm watching TV, which is really embarrassing. My sister thinks it's funny when he does it and she says that's just the way male dogs are with women when they... [more]

Dog gets lucky while i Slept

Woke up at 3am, having to pee like a race horse. As I'm peeing, I realize that my girlfriend wasn't in bed yet. She works late but normally is in bed by 2. After flushing, I walk into the hallway and hear low moaning. I start creeping slowly towards the living room, and when I got to end of hallway, there was my girlfriend naked on all fours on... [more]

Dog sex?

Im 15 and own a St Bernard. We breed him for a small fee. Basically this one time I had just got out of the shower and I felt a bit horny so I started masturbating. I was home alone so didn't bother to try to keep my moans quiet.
Anyway our St B. walks in and over to me. I'm on the edge of the bed and suddenly I feel his tongue on my vagina. I'm... [more]

Caught my sleeping wife getting eaten out by our dog !

Last Monday night my wife went to bed , while I stay up watching the football game. Now lately my wife started sleeping in the nude because she gets hot flashes. She is a real sound sleeper and was sleeping on her side with her ass hanging on the edge of the bed , and our dog was licking her pussy and ass! I don't know how long he was doing it... [more]

Church Lady

Back when I was 16 or 17, my parent's were out and I was home alone. I had been masturbating on the couch in the living room, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I panicked, yanked my underwear, and shorts up, went to the door. I was a woman from a local church visiting families, and inviting them to church. I'm guessing she was mid 40's... [more]

My mother walked in on me....

I have really bad impulse control and spend a lot of time on the internet. I happened to stumble upon a forum about weird sex experiences. One of the users started a thread talking about having their dog lick their ass. I continued reading and became more and more intrigued. I decided to try it out for myself. I forgot to lock the door and my mom... [more]

A weird sexual tradition from my country

Where I come from, there used to be this sexual rite of passage back in the old days. It's really weird. Basically a girl was expected to to be a woman before marriage, but not be allowed to have sex with any outsiders. So her familiy would invite an older and important man to their house. There, he would be served dinner, and the daughter of the... [more]

My friends mom got me

Me and a good friend are often at his garage working on a car we want to race someday.His mom is kind of trampy, she wears a bikini often because she likes to show off her 40 something year old body, which is nice for her age. Recently I went over to weld some brackets onto the chassis of our race car. I knocked on the door to tell her I was going... [more]

My wife and her sister set me up

My wife and I, her sister and her husband shared a motel room while on vacation. They were on motorcycles, we were in our car. 2 big beds in the same room. My sister-in-law's husband left early to take some side trip on his bike. My wife was whispering trying to get me to make love with her that morning while her sister was only 5 feet away... [more]

Sex with my stepbrother?

About a year ago my mom got with this guy, who's kids went to the same school as me! it was awkward and embarassing in every way, and to boot i already had other siblings of my own. i guess you could say that i was NOT at all accepting of it.. after about a month, i became friends with his daughter, who was in the same grade as me. she moved in... [more]

Cams in my room

Yesterday after getting fucked by our neighbor who's 48 and I am 17. This isn't the first time but closer to the twentieth all of a sudden I seen a blinking red little light, I tried to get up but my neighbor who's three times my size held me down and continued to pound away at my pussy.
After he filled my puss with his spunk and rolled off of... [more]

Meth head couple

One night during my college years I was at a bar near campus, hoping to hook up before the night was through. Things weren't looking so good, the only girl who was paying me any attention was the strung out looking woman in her 50's who sat near the door, chain smoking and staring at every guy who walked in with her dialated eyes. She was... [more]

Not sure what to do

I'm a 29 yo. single man, and when I'm not at work at my "real" job, I do home maintenance & repair to supplement my income. These days you gotta do whatever you can to have extra cash. Anyway, A few days ago,my neighbor contracted me to paint his house. I went with them to pick out the paint so there were no color issues etc., I started prepping... [more]

I hardly even know her...

I woke up last night and my neighbor was sucking my cock. I barely even know her and she entered my house at night to give a blowjob?! I was too turned on at the moment though, so I pretended to be asleep... or I tried, but then I wanted to see her. The very moment I looked happened to be when she checked to see if I was awake. Oops. Then she... [more]

Degrees of separation

I was at a friends wedding reception this weekend and had a moral dilemma.
The bride introduced me to her sister. We were getting along and exchanged numbers, made a date for next week and hung out for a while having a great time. As anyone knows, weddings are great places to pick up someone.
As the party died down the brides sister came... [more]

i was so horny

i was at home all alone and started watching porn. some time later i started to touch and play with myself and my dog came in and started to lick my balls, it felt so good that i didnt stop him. he grab my legs and started to hump them, curiously, i rolled over and lifted my hips up and he stuck his dick in me and that was the first time i had sex... [more]

Did I do what I did?

It was closing at the restaurant that I work and there was just a few customers that seemed to be dragging their feet about leaving so I started in cleaning the tables after taking away all the condiments I started in wiping the tables down and this one guy sitting in the back booth asked for another cup of coffee and I thought gads buddy it's 25... [more]

Using my GF's kink...

So my girlfriend admitted she loved the idea of watching me fuck other girls, so she started bringing home friends, or meeting girls who wanted to be watched fucking her boyfriend. Great fun! I get to have lots of women, do whatever I want with them, and my girlfriend gets to enjoy her sexual preference, play with herself and the sex between us is... [more]

Trying to feel something 5 waking up with my pants down

So this ended up happening in a trailer park where my friend was living on the outside of town she ended up moving in because the rent was really cheap. She would throw these parties and invite the neighbors over there was this one neighbor that seemed really obsessed with me at first I didn't really mind he seemed really nice but after a couple... [more]

When I made out with her I thought she was older

Met a lovely young woman at a party and we really hit it off. She is every nerds dream. We talked about how we both loved video games, comic books, and we talked about x-men and lord of the rings forever. We started kissing and wound up making out in a little garden area. We both heard the music stop and she said she wanted me to meet someone... [more]

Trying to feel something 6

So this happened when my mom and my step dad were still married right before they divorced. I ended up going over to my step dads house to find my mom and I found out that they had split up and my mom had left town which kind of wasn't a surprise for me because my mom had a history of relationships that ended badly. To make a long story short my... [more]

Everything in pussy

Is this odd or do others do this ? Wife has this thing with putting anything I ask her to in her pussy and many things I dont ask her too. She is so turned on by sticking things that she knows others will handle later into her pussy and ass. It happens like this if we are alone at a hotel she will lay on bed and fuck herself with anything that... [more]


It was a cool Friday evening and I was bored. Incidentally, I did not want to go for my usual weekend night out. Everything seemed insipid. I was just not happy the way my life was going; wondered why it even bothered me. Usually booze and rough sex and my brand fix would do and I had a string of guys who would do me just for the asking; no just... [more]

How to spank your wife quietly?

My wife and I are living in a trailer park until we have enough money saved to buy our first house. The trailers are very close together meaning there is little privacy. This raises the problem of how I spank my wife without the entire park knowing about it. Being the concerned husband that I am, and a true Southern gentleman, I do not want to... [more]

I think my uncle is harassing me?

Um, I'm fourteen and I think my uncle is sexually harassing me. My mom has always minded our manners so we hug our family whenever we visited. My grandma lives with my mom's brother, my uncle. So, we always visit. We visit like, every week because it's close, as well. So, ever since I was young, I hugged everyone in my cousin's family. Every... [more]

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