Strange Confessions

Shocked by my Sister

Been visiting my older sister and she has a Black Lab. He's a purebred and she studs him for extra money. Problem is that he's always trying to sniff my crotch and trying to hump my leg when I'm watching TV, which is really embarrassing. My sister thinks it's funny when he does it and she says that's just the way male dogs are with women when they... [more]

My love for dog sex

Well my name is Sandy, and experience all started when I was about 14 yrs old. I was on the back deck of our house playing. I started hearing strange sounds coming from my older sisters open bedroom window. I walked up to the window looked in and was getting ready to ask what she was doing, Then I seen for myself.
Now my older sister, Sara... [more]

hot girlfriend

So I was dating this girl that was the hottest girl I've ever been with, she was a 10 she had a body like Kim Kardashian but hotter. She was Brazilian with bleached blonde hair. You would think that things would be perfect,but she would drive me crazy all the time. She wasn't very smart and was really cold sometimes, and would act like an entitled... [more]

How did you lose your virginity?

I heard that the way that some people lose their virginity isn't the way that they imagined it. It was that way for me, but I wanted to know if some people had a good experience.

Going out with my GF

Me and my gf would do this thing where we would go to the bar, and pretend to just be meeting each other and we would hang out in a group of strangers and she would hit on them. She is kind of hot, so she normally gets hit on a lot, she's curvy and has a small waist and a bubble butt, so people are always staring at her ass. So one night when we... [more]

Dog gets lucky while i Slept

Woke up at 3am, having to pee like a race horse. As I'm peeing, I realize that my girlfriend wasn't in bed yet. She works late but normally is in bed by 2. After flushing, I walk into the hallway and hear low moaning. I start creeping slowly towards the living room, and when I got to end of hallway, there was my girlfriend naked on all fours on... [more]

Dog sex?

Im 15 and own a St Bernard. We breed him for a small fee. Basically this one time I had just got out of the shower and I felt a bit horny so I started masturbating. I was home alone so didn't bother to try to keep my moans quiet.
Anyway our St B. walks in and over to me. I'm on the edge of the bed and suddenly I feel his tongue on my vagina. I'm... [more]

Farm sex

Growing up on a farm has its good and bad moments. Some of my best moments were being fucked. Mom and Dad worked and so me, my older brother and younger sister were alone a lot of times. We had chores to do but after we had plenty of free time to try and find things to entertain ourselves. Some of my chores were to take care of the animals since I... [more]

I let my friend cum on my wife

Two weeks ago my wife an I were partying with some friends, My wife got pretty drunk and went to bed, When it was just me and one of my long term friends left we were talking and he told me that he always thought my wife was super hot.
I was pretty drunk and knowing that she sleeps naked I asked if he wanted to see her naked, He laughed and said... [more]

Writer's block and sex

So I've been posting on a site like this one and I've been getting quite a large following, each post that I do gets around 6000 likes. To be honest all the comments and attention was really addictive, it was the only thing that I cared four and look forward to throughout the day. The downside was I actually haven't had very many sexual... [more]

hot girlfriend part 2

So my ex-girlfriend after what happened I noticed became really sluty. I heard some rumors about her and would see her around town wearing next to nothing, she came into my work wearing these booty shorts that were so high you could see the bottom of her ass cheeks and close to the sides of her pussy. She was helping in this skinny old guy that... [more]

The sitter

I'm a mom at 33yrs. We had a boy as a sitter, 15, when hubby and i go out sometimes. i know he liked to look at my cleavage and i like when he did.
Sometimes hubby and i went out really late and the sitter stayed the night in the spare bedroom.
One day, after the sitter spend the night, i was doing laundry and noticed.. one of my panties was a... [more]


Being a mother of a daughter is never easy I'm 36 and professionally employed and divorced ... my daughter has been dating her high school so called friend for a few months he's a nice boy with a good family.. one day i wanted to replace my kitchen chandelier and i asked him to help when he got up on the ladder i could see up his shorts and... [more]

Party with friend

So my friend invited me to a party at her new place, she was excited because it was her first time being out on her own. when I showed up I noticed that her apartment was in a bad part of town, and when I asked her about it she didn't seem to care, she said "the rent was really cheap". When we got inside there was already tons of people there, and... [more]

My wife

Since about six months after my wife and I got married, I have had a strong desire to see my wife fucked by lots of men. I would love to take her to a biker bar and have her strip naked on the bar and get fucked in every hole, by every man in the bar, while I watched her get ganbanged, and pumped full of hot cum in every hole in her body. I know... [more]

Unexpected dog sex

A couple of years ago, my wife brought home her best friends dog to watch for a few days while she was out of town. It was a large black lab named Bruno. Later that night, my wife and I were lying on the sofa together, naked, watching TV while Bruno set on the floor beneath us. I had been rubbing my wifes pussy for several minutes and she was... [more]

Cosplay part 1

So I just got back from Comic-Con, I was cosplaying as Red Sonja. It's my first time going to Comic-Con and I had something really strange happen, so I was walking through a crowded area between booth's and I felt somebody's hand brush up against my ass, for some reason I thought they were trying to steal my money and quickly checked to make sure... [more]

Tricked into sex part 1

I've been tricked into sex more times than I would like to admit, it's getting to the point to where almost all of my sexual experiences are from somebody tricking me and using me for my body. I feel like I can kind of understand why guys have been doing this, a lot of people I know tell me I should be a model, I've never thought of myself as... [more]

Girlfriend's dog

I met my girlfriend about two months ago at a bar near where I live. She lives in the next town over, about 40 miles away. Her family lives here and she usually visits them every week.
After our first "hook up", she comes to see me every weekend and usually a couple of times during the week. Last weekend though, she invited me to go to her... [more]

My neighbor is really obsessed with me

The place I just moved into has my bedroom window facing my neighbor's house, one day I was going to change my clothes and I noticed that he was watching me. My bedroom window is big enough so wherever I go in my room he can see me and my curtains are kinda see through. For about 2 weeks I would try to hide from him and get changed for school... [more]

Unfucking believable

Me and my wife was camping out in the wilderness in Oregon a few summers back. We never stay in campgrounds, as we prefer to get out and hike miles away from anyone.
We found a nice spot to set up camp next to a small creak that had a large enough water hole to bathe in. It was hot and we were both sweaty, so after we set up the tent, we both... [more]


My stepdad.... my dog.... I do not want to feel dirty but ive had such explicit thoughts.. its wrong i know. it helps my self confidence.

Caught my sleeping wife getting eaten out by our dog !

Last Monday night my wife went to bed , while I stay up watching the football game. Now lately my wife started sleeping in the nude because she gets hot flashes. She is a real sound sleeper and was sleeping on her side with her ass hanging on the edge of the bed , and our dog was licking her pussy and ass! I don't know how long he was doing it... [more]

He Came Hard

I decided to cheat on my boyfriend the other day (He's been an asshole for the past 2 months with little explanation). I met with a guy I found online who said he could last along time in the bedroom.
Well he didn't lie
We met up at his place and got straight into it, ripping our clothes off on the way to the bedroom whilst making out was so... [more]

Nudity at home

My stepdaughter has been living with my wife and me, off and on for 3 or so years. She knew her mom and I are Nudist and has no problems with it. Her mom mostly shys away from it while she's here but encourages me to be myself at all costs. She says if she has issues with it, she'd say so and probably even be more encouraged to leave and finally... [more]

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