We had been married for 3 months , we had a party at our apartment . Lots of friends . One of my wifes friends from work was there . She was 18 . A slightly plump girl that wore glassses . She was not getting a lot of attention . I decided to go over to her . We stood talking , i kissed her . She was kssing me and using her tongue . After midnight i asked if she wanted to go for a walk . When we were outside the apartment , i held her hand . She followed where i took her . A short distance from the apartments , there was a wood . I walked her in to the wood . When i was happy we could not be seen . I was kissing her passionately , she was responding . I slid my hand up her dress , to her panties . I rubbed her pussy through the panties . Then i put my hand inside them . Rubbing her vagina . She was already wet . I kept rubbing her clit and kissing her . Giving her an orgasm . I knew she was having the orgasm . I could feel her sagging at the knees , and she was trying to get her tongue down my throat . When she had finished . I still kissed her and fingered her vagina . Then i pulled her panties down to her knees . Turned her round and bent her over a fallen tree . I slid in to her from behind . Now i was kissing her neck . When i could feel i was going to cum . I held her round her hips , and pushed in as deep as i could . When i had finished i pulled her panties up . Her panties must have been soaking . Her juices and my cum . I turned her round , and continued kissing her . Then i said , shall we go back . I held her hand . Just before we walked out of the wood . She turned to me and kissed me . She said thank you for giving me an orgasm before you had me . I thanked her and told her how much i had enjoyed it . Then. went back to the party . No one seemed to have missed us . My wife was dancing . We were in the clear . A few days later , i met one of my friends . We had a coffee . and talked . He aked me did i enjoy it . Playing dum i asked him , did i enjoy what . Fucking the girl at the party . I told him about it . Making him swear not to tell anyone . I did not see her again after that , for 5 years . She no longer worked with my wife . When we had an hour lunch break at work . Me and 2 pals , would got to the pub for a drink (this was in England). Sometimes we would go to a pub , where there wa a stripper . Other times we just wanted a quiet talk . This Friday it was a quiet pub . Not many people in there . I noticed a group of women/girls coming through the door . The last one to walk in , was the girl i had sex with . She saw me , we both smiled , and she gave me a knowing look . My pals noticed it . They were curiious . I said she used to work with my wife . On the way back in the car . They said we don't belive you . In the end i told them the truth . I knew they would never meet my wife .

Jul 23
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