Whose idea was it for your wife to fuck other men? In my case it was my wife. After three years of marriage she decided that she wanted to fuck other men. She told me that we could stay married if I agreed and if I didn't agree she would leave me. I didn't want her to leave so I agreed that she could fuck other men. In the next five years she fucked nearly fifty men. Then she stopped. Now thirty years later I am trying to get her to start again.

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    • To be so in love with your wife that you agree to become a cuckold for her is a wonderful feeling. I married a beautiful brown hair woman no one believed that she married me. She must have known that she could turn me into a cuckold I caught her fucking a guy in our bed she was going to leave me but I begged and pleaded with her not to. She continued to fuck other men then she caught me masterbateing listening to her with a guy she said that I was pathetic and she decided that I was going to lock my cock in a cage so I couldn't enjoy myself anymore.

    • Well, you guys beat the odds. Most couples that invite another person into their bed have a marriage failure rate of 93-97%. Although, I bet if you had checked you would have found she didn't stop, she just found one or two guys she decided to settle with and did it behind your back. That's what usually happens and when the husband finds out, he has no choice but to divorce. Or in many other cases, the wife finds out with all of her extra sex that the husband no longer satisfies her so she finds others and leaves.

      The number one cause of divorce among those that swing, swap, cuck, have threesomes is cheating. Yes, ironic isn't it. Normally, you both set boundaries and rules and then after a time, one of the couples breaks them, which is essentially cheating, and there goes the marriage. I have been a Private Detective that specializes in cheating spouses for nearly 20 years and I have seen it all.

    • Well maybe it's because we didn't have any boundaries or rules. Are marriage and sex life evolved over a long period of time.

    • It was my fault I talked my wife into fucking other guys. On the weekends we would go to the club and guys would ask her to dance with them she loved to dance but I didn't know how to I had two left feet. She would dance with guys all night long and come back to the table and tell me how a guy wanted her to go home with him. I told her that she should go for it but she never did. Then on a wednesday night she wanted to go to the club with a girl that she knew because it was ladies night it the club. That's when she met the first guy she fucked. I was getting ready for work the next morning when she had just got home. She admitted everything she did with him. And told me that I couldn't be mad at her because it was my idea for her to fuck someone else. Before long she was fucking other guys more than she was fucking me even bringing guys home to fuck them. It was a couple of years before she fucked a guy in front of me. We had a few threesoms after that then she really started to cuckold me having guys over the house and getting fucked by them and not fucking me. Having me jack myself off for her after the guys had left. She had turned into a slut and I turned into a pathetic little cuckold for her it got even worse when she started fucking black guys and letting them make fun of me. This went on for 30 years until she slowed down she was only fucking two other men one white and the other was black. Then she stopped all together. We are still married after 45 years.

    • Have you been locked in a cock cage or requested to wear panties ?

    • Yes she said that I was a pathetic husband and she locked me in a cock cage had me shaving my whole body smooth and wearing panties and thigh high stockings in front of the guys she was fucking.

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