Found girlfriends old diary.

My ex-girlfriend and I had moved in together about a year prior. When she had moved her things into the house I already occupied I didn’t think much of it. She asked where she could store some boxes, so I cleared a place for her in the garage. Recently we started to pack to move to a new place. I was getting the garage ready for the move and happened to move some of her ok’d boxes. In one of them I found a leather bound journal and just peaked to see what it was. I open to a random page and see that it is her cataloguing a sexual experience in college where she got drunk and had sex with a guy she had met that evening. She graphically lists the things they did and I’m kinda shocked by it. Naturally I keep reading only to discover that the entire book is like this. One sexual experience after another in which she consistently gets used like a prostitute and seems to enjoy it. She details acts that she had previously told me she had no experience with and no desire to try. I quickly realize that she has actually done all of them repeatedly and, at least at the time of writing, seemed to enjoy them, if not for the pleasure of doing them, then for how degrading they were.

I had always been fixated on anal sex. The idea just turns me on, and I had suggested it early in our relationship. She told me she had never done it and thought it was “gross”. She stated this repeatedly and at times seemed to shame me for even suggesting it. As I read her diary it became clear that she not only had done it several times, but loved it for how it made her feel like she was being used by her partners. There were a couple of accounts of how she did it with guys she had just met, and a few others where she recounted how encounters she had featured exclusively anal sex, with no vaginal sex at all. In one she talks about how she did “ass to mouth” and loved how it made her feel like a complete whore.

I was in love with her. Finding out about how she had lied to me about her past, and had totally manufactured a false persona completely inconsistent with her true nature hurt me deeply. The worst part was that the book had experiences running right up to the point that she met me. And beyond. In the first few weeks that we had been talking, it turns out that she was getting pounded by random guys in the times we weren’t together. She even had a threesome about three weeks after we started seeing each other in which she let the two guys, who she had met at a friends party, double penetrate her and ejaculate inside her. She had always maintained that she had been safe with her sexual partners in the past, which she said there were 11 in total. Going through the book, and accounting for times when she had lovers with the same name (she only used first names) there were actually just shy of 100 when I met her. This was men she had intercourse with. There were at least 30 other men who got a sentence or two as just “gave bill a blow-job in the bathroom at work. Held my face against his groin while he shot his load down my throat.” She was 24 years old at the time we met. The book detailed three threesomes, which she had denied ever having, and at least one incident that I can only label as a gang bang, in which she and a female friend were used repeatedly over the span of several hours by a group of seven men that they were staying with on a break from school. You would have thought it was the best day of her life the way she talks about it. It rocked me to my core. I had been shopping for wedding rings. I broke down right there in the garage at the realization of how this relationship that I cherished was a joke. A lie. Her dishonesty was complete. She had sold herself as a fairly conservative girl who had refrained from the typical college lifestyle because “that’s just not who I am.”

I felt a sense of overwhelming disgust for her. When I pulled myself together enough to go back in the house where she was packing, I walked in, stepped up to where she was going through some boxes, and just dropped the diary in front of her. She got a look of total panic on her face and said she could totally explain. She tried to tell me how it was a long time ago and she was a different person now. I knelt down, opened the last pages of the book and pointed to one of the dates on her entry. It was the same week we had started dating.

I was so overcome with emotion that I seemed to get calm in my resolve. I said, “collect your things and leave. Anything you don’t take you forfeit. Get the fuck out of my sight.” I said it with a coldness she immediately sensed, and she started to cry, maybe thinking I would back off. As she blubbered and kept saying “please, please.” Over and over I told her, “you have an hour.” In the end she got up, packed her clothes in several garbage bags. Took some boxes of personal and family items, and, of course, the book. She had tried to call and text me repeatedly. I never responded. I backed out of the lease we had signed together saying she had had to leave the state to care for a suddenly Ill parent. I found another book similar to the one she took, with dates going further back. In the same box were mementos of the experiences. Her ticket to a music festival where she had slept with three different guys over the four days. An almost empty bottle of lubricant. A pair of ripped panties, and, of all things, a butt plug. Last I heard she moved to Augusta, Georgia. No idea why...

9 months ago


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    • Come on man. Seriously? An omission is a lie. My ex wifey told me the same type of things. I’m a good little Christian girl. And by good little Christian girl she meant; fucking her church friends in the balcony of their church, jerking off new members (married and single) to welcome them to the church, begging the new youth pastor to punish her for being a “bad girl” and by punish I found out meant him shoving his 9” cock down her throat while he pinched her nipples so hard it made her cum to finally being a, and I swear this is 100% true BBC cum slut from the time she was 15 to 25 (I met her when she turned 26). She grew up in a northern metro city and went to a school system made up of 65% black and 35% white. Her first BBC bf was 17 when she was 15. I found out from her bff that his cock was no lie, 10”. Then she progressed to more black guys. When she turned 18 her 45 yo black married neighbor “trained” her to take his and his friends BBCs anyway they wanted her to. BBCs in her pussy, mouth and ass. She met them cum in ever hole. I never got to cum in her and never, ever had her ass. I eventually dumped her and we got a divorce. I’m so much happier now and I’ve heard she is back at church being a whore for Jesus and of course back on the BBCs.

    • You were taken advantage of. What a slut!!!

      My ex wifey was exactly like your ex!!!

    • Umm WTF? You all need to relax. So she was a slut. You can’t change your past. She was probably embarrassed or grew out of that phase. I’m 27 and I’ve been married for 1 and half years. I’ve never told my husband about my past. It’s none of his business. He would freak if he knew 10% of the slutty and filthy things I’ve done. Hell he’d freak if he knew my best male friend (who was in our wedding) and I dated when we were both 15. He was where I learned to suck dick. I was terrible the first time I sucked dick at 15 but we did it nearly every day for like two years and now I suck dick like a porn starlet. Lol! He’d really freak if he knew Mike got to cum in my mouth and he made me swallow. I never let my husband cum in me. And I have never swallowed his cum. Oh and Anal, I’ve had many guys take my sweet ass but there is something about letting your husband fuck your ass that doesn’t seem right. I mean he’s gonna want to fuck my ass anyhow?

      So ladies, it’s your past. Your bf or husbands do not need to know anything about your past. If he can’t take not knowing then dump him. Well unless he takes care of you then lie.

    • 1969. The first football game the hottest cheerleader, Liz, was a freshman. It's a big school with 60,000 fans. 4 days earlier I met Liz in a cafeteria. she never says she's a cheerleader. Her Senior year she's homecoming queen. She seems happy to befriend and upperclassmen. She's also disappointed the caf isn't serving food. It's registration day, they don't serve till classes actually start.
      She goes ah shucks, I'm starving. I tell her lets go in town and get hot dogs.
      Off we go and she sits real close to me in the car (60's thing). I'm like lucky me.
      After HD I taker Liz on a tour of the back roads North of Campus. I park the car off a dirt road. We make out, she gets my hard big dick out and she's miking it. She's goes wow, it's big and gives me a blowjob.
      I almost didn't approach her. My buddies said she'll tell you to fuck yourself.
      PS I fuck her 20 times. The future homecoming queen is my side fuck.
      Every dog has a lucky day. And we're still FB friends.

    • I moved to get away from you . Okay do I have to spell it out for ya? You have a tiny cock and we're a lousy fuck. I'm a cock whore or wore not sure which one. Anyway go fuck yourself asshole.

    • Are you really the woman in this confession?

    • Good for you!!! Fuck whoever you want how you want.

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    • If you kept her you could have had anal sex.

    • I doubt that. Most women who behaved like this woman and then denied ever doing any of these things would never let a man who she was in a real relationship do anything but boring missionary sex. She obviously loved doing all that stuff or else would she keep the diary. She found a guy to take care of her and she was using him.

      I’ve known a couple of women like this. Only I was the guy that got to experience the slut. Not the poor bastard who spilled his blood, sweat and probably tears to take care of her and got little to nothing sexually.

      One in particular was fucking amazing!! She was so fucking hot. 5’9”, slender, athletic build, nice natural C tits and really a perfect ass. So tight. She could suck a cock like no one I’ve ever known before or since. Even could handle 2 at a time. My friend took her Anal virginity when she was 19 and he took her ass every few days until she was 25. That’s when she met her bf now husband. I think they had been married like 6 months and while kind of tipsy one night I asked dumbly (I did feel bad after I realized what I did) how he likes fucking her ass!? He looked at me puzzled. So I said “Damn! Nicole used to take Luke (I pointed to Luke across the bar) in her ass at least 2 or 3 times a week.” Big athletic guy. He blinked and said “What!? Are you talking about Nicole’s friend Nichole? Now Nichole was a slut. Two abortions because she didn’t want to have black babies. I said “No.” looking at him I said “Dude! Jeff... no man your wife. She had been fucked by at least 6 guys in here tonight.” He went pale. Then he went to Nicole. You could see her face and they started arguing. Poor guy. Jeff started drinking a lot and had a tough time. She swore she didn’t do anything and that everyone was lying. Then she was outed by accident from her bff. Turns out she was a slut and poor Jeff was being used because he took such great care of her.

    • And could have lived in a constant state of nausea.

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