Sister in law

I have a few boats for fishing and have been described as a bit fanatic about it. I have never been married but have a son and live pretty much a life of fun. One evening when I was over at my brothers house I told him I had to get going because I was headed up to such and such lake in the morning around 5 am, his wife was sitting there on the deck with us and she looked at him and asked if he was going with me. When my brother told her no she said well I am going to go with him then because it has been years since I have done any fishing.
My brother enjoys fishing like four or five times a year so I was not surprised he did not want to go but I was really surprised she wanted to go with me, he told her well you are going with the right fisherman because he knows where they are at on any lake.
So here is a bit about my Sister in law, I was dating her back in high school and things just did not work out for us. Two years later she started dating my brother and we were both good with it, I have no idea how much she has told him about us and he only asked me a few things about it like would I care if they dated. Something else about her that is great is having kids was great for her, boobs filled out and never went back down, the perfect curves were added to her hips and she works out and looks great. I had no idea the day that was ahead for me when I picked her up early in that morning.
We got on the road quick, she was ready to go when I got there and about two hours later we were launching the boat and the sun was coming up on a great day. We fished for a few hours and caught a few, not to many boats out on the water so it was nice to not have to worry about running into anyone. She sat down on one of the seats around eleven and told me she needed a break and asked if I would mind if she laid out on the front area. So the front area is a walk around with a flat center slightly above it, you can walk on it but it has a curve to it so I avoid doing that but told her just be careful you do not slip walking up on it. She grabbed a towel and laid it out then went down into the cuddy cabin to change is what I thought. She walked out wearing just her panties with her one of her hands and arm covering her boobs. She gave me a smile and asked if this was alright with me and I told her jokingly she still was wearing to much. She laughed and got herself up front and laid down on her front side. I saw her boobs hanging thru the windscreen a few times and thought, damn, lucky brother I have.
I fished for a while then she asked me to hand her a sandwich and drink from the cooler, I decided that sounded good also and got out two of each handing her one. She looked around and flipped herself up sitting with her legs crossed and her elbows keeping her sides from view but not from me as I stared right at her boobs. She smiled at me and said nothing you have not seen before right? I told her she was right but jeez, they were as gorgeous as ever which made her turn red. She asked if I wanted her to put a shirt on and I told her as long as she did not mind me looking at them she could do what ever she wanted to out here.
I finished up my sandwich and went back to fishing but kept looking thru the windscreen now and then checking out her body. She lasted maybe another hour up there then I felt the boat moving and turned to see her making her way back down to the cabin not even covering herself up. She stopped going down the step and asked me if I wanted to come down here for a few minutes. I just stared at her and asked her if she was serious, she pulled her panties off and stood there looking at me then began running her hands down her body.
I reeled up and walked down into the cabin, she was laying across the bed down there which is nothing more than seat cushions, she had her head and shoulders on the hull and legs spread apart rubbing herself. I pressed my lips right into her pussy and she let out a moan and told me oh my god you need to shave but she did not tell me to stop. I licked and sucked on her for a few orgasms, she was incredible to see orgasm, mouth half open, moaning and panting like crazy telling me to keep sucking or licking whatever I was doing. She finally pulled my hair and told me okay, you have to stop now your face is just to much to take. She told me to get undressed and lay down it was her turn now so I did just that watching her gorgeous boobs sway around as she began sucking my cock. She barely fit getting on top of me and she rode me bent over with her breasts rocking around on my chest.
She rolled off after having some fun and told me I needed a bigger boat, I grabbed her hips and slid her to the edge of the bed and started fucking her then went down to finish her off with another orgasm but she told me no fucking way with my facial hair, she was going to be chaffed as it was tomorrow. She pushed me off and told me to go back to fishing for a while she was going to take a nap. I could not believe she did not even cover herself up much as she slept and I got a great view of her rear end the whole time.
She woke up about an hour later and walked out holding her breasts again then looked around before stretching herself out and asked me if I was catching anything. I told her not recently but it was early afternoon now so it would be slow for a bit. She got out another drink then asked me if I wanted another blow job after a few sips of it. I was thinking sure but part of me wondered why she was doing this so I asked her if everything was okay with the two of them, she laughed and told me they were great and asked me why I would think they were not. I just shrugged and said because you have never acted like this around me in the past and she said that we have never been alone like this so she did not want to do it. We went back down in the cabin and I got another great view of her boobs while she sucked on me.
We pulled out of the lake around seven or so and drove back to her house, she acted like it was a totally normal day out there when I was dropping her off and my brother thanked me for taking her out for the day. All I could think of at that moment was how lucky he was to have her.

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    • My sister in law is a despicable horrible person, so when we finally fucked it was what I guess they call a "hate fuck." God it was so hot. I hit and choked her the whole time and she gave back as good as she got. We both came so hard. She's still a bitch to everyone in the family and now sometimes I tie her up with duct tape. The last time we saw each other at my brother's birthday she slapped the hell out of me and I fucked her in the bathroom. I think there's something wrong with us.

    • No you two are absolutely sex champs that need a Wes Anderson movie made about you if he made porn movies which he should so he could make a porn movie about you

    • No! You think you asshole!

    • Did you actually write "No! You think you asshole!" what are you Chinese?

    • I can see that you obviously don't give a shit about your brother! She doesn't care about her husband or you and your brothers relationship either. I wonder what would happen if both families found out about your affair? No class at all!

    • I'm sure SIL won't do it with any guy. The two had this 'I finally get to fuck my high school sweetheart' moment, or hour. Don't judge so much. They write fictional books about the moment. They lived it. So STFU.
      Says Mary Beth

    • Fuck you dude! There are some unspoken rules in life! Don't screw with you family and friends mates! The high school moment was long gone with the words "I do" . Go pull you pud to this fake crap all you want. But what I stated is true! NO CLASS!

    • I used to fuck My SIL every chance We had. Bigger tits than her sister, fucking horny as hell. She lived with two guys and would fuck them both. I'm not living in moms basement. What a cum slut she was at the time

    • Thats because trailers don't have a basement idiot. Get out of her trailer and get your own life loser!

    • Lucky guy. My gross but hot SIL (Ainsley) only gives blowjobs. She's my wife's (Amy) kid sister. After her freshman year in college she sent a couple days with us at a cheap beach house rental. It had a bathtub in the house and an open air shower outside.
      After a day on the beach Amy went food shopping. I was taking shower and Ainsley walks in the dressing area. "Don't worry, I've seen naked men ... but fuck you got a big dick. Amy must have a fucking tunnel down there" .. She strips off her little bikini and joins me. She washes my boner dick, and then goes down on me. Pauses "I only suck squeaky clean cocks." On a 1 -10, her blowjob is an 11. "Didn't think you'd mine, I never sucked a big dick... our secret .. " 10 years later, she's married but still gives me a blowjob every thanksgiving in her Mom's basement, while the other upstairs watch football. "taking my poison... they say sucking big cock is good for a girl's mental heath." She's up to a 12.

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