I thought she was cheating

So I thought my wife was cheating on me and I figured that I would want video of her doing it so that I had proof. What got me thinking about this was finding some hand towels one evening when I got home from work. They were in the clothes hamper in our closet and had wet areas on them, I certainly did not want to touch it but it certainly looked like they were used for after sex clean up.
I am a fairly tech savvy person so I bought some cameras and upgraded my computer to handle large files then waited. It was about two weeks later that my mind went from thinking she was cheating to never would have thought that in a hundred years.
She came into the bedroom and began pulling back the sheets, she then put down some towels and other things. She laid down on the bed and started pleasuring herself, I sat there telling the bastard to step into view but then it hit me. I never saw anyone come into the house on the other cam footage but I did not have the back of the garage covered. I continued watching her masturbate then thought well maybe all that towel mess was just her. It was right about then that our dog walked into the picture and put his nose right between her legs. I almost had to remind myself to take a breath as I watched his head bobbing up and down while his tongue was obviously licking away on her. This went on for several minutes and then she got up and turned around, she put her rear up in the air and used her hand to call him up on the bed. He licked her some more then just like he knew what he was doing he jumped up on her back and started humping away at her. I could not believe that for the next forty or so minutes he humped and licked her until she finally had enough and laid back down. He did not quit though and went right to licking her ass while she spread her legs out giving him access. She laid there for a few minutes moving herself around and enjoying the oral treatment she was receiving from him then without even thinking that things could get any worse she started moving again and rolled over on her back. She worked her way under him and I could barely see it at first but the unmistakable head motions showed me that she was sucking on his cock. He moved around some and the view changed to almost a side ways shot and there she was plain as day sucking him down and stroking his cock. I just about had a heart attack watching her spread her mouth out and down that thing into her mouth, I think she was taking more of him into her then she does me.
I sat there trying to figure out what to do with all of this, she was not cheating on me with a man. I watched her two more times over the next few weeks and both were about the same deal with our dog. He would look at me with his smile and tongue hanging out and I would tell him that he was one lucky dog.
So that was all about a year ago and one evening I came home and found the same thing again in the hamper. I knew what it was from but I pulled them out and asked her about it. She looked at me and told me to calm down, do not let the kids hear you. She came up to me and whispered that it was not what I was thinking it was. I asked her what it was and she looked at me and told me to be quiet and later tonight she would tell me about it.
The kids went to bed and she told me to wait about an hour after about an hour she walked upstairs and checked on them then came back downstairs and told me to come into the bedroom. She told me the truth and said that it was from her playing with our dog, I had already decided that I was going to do this to her and I called her bluff, I told her that I did not believe her and she looked at me for a second then at the door. She walked over and opened up the door, she called him into the bedroom then closed and locked the door. She told me to go stand in the bathroom with the lights off because she was not sure he would do anything with me standing there so I went and did it. It took a few minutes of coaxing but soon there he was licking away on her right before my eyes. She did the whole thing just like in the videos, licking, mounting then rolling under him and sucking on his cock. She did not always swallow him so most of the wetness was from her pulling him out of her mouth and letting it go on the towels. I walked out and told her that I was surprised to say the least but not mad at her. She asked me what I was going to do now and I told her well for sure I want a blow job after seeing all of that going on.
She gave me a great blow job and I have never told her that I have video of her doing the dog but for the last several months to almost a year I have been getting a blow job anytime I have wanted one so I am not going to ruin a great thing.

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  • You are a very lucky man. Does your wife take the knot?

  • Illegal act virtually everywhere. She sounds like a real perv. What is she like otherwise?

  • What kind of dog is it? Does she have scratches or claw marks when she does it.

  • Your video is a free pass and a trump card. Hold onto it in case you need it someday.

  • Anymore to add to this story? Update etc?

  • So sexy, what a relief for you that she has not been cheating, your just so lucky that she is satisfied with and satisfies both the dog and you

  • You lucky son of a bitch. I envy you. That would be my dream come true if my girl did that

  • I always think about my bog cock

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