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What’s the most embarrassing sexual thing you’ve done? That makes your toes curl with embarrassment now? And make it sexy please!

7 months ago

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    • Oh gosh..I happened when I was in college. My boyfriend and I were walking back from a party one night and going into our dorm. In the stairway, I got really horny and I wanted to suck his cock right there. He was hesitant about the whole thing but eventually I convinced him to pull his pants down. Both of us were so caught up in the moment and moaning, I didn't see one of the hall auditors standing there. She watched the whole thing as my boyfriend came in my mouth.

    • I was forced to suck a little on Bill Clinton’s freckled penis.

    • Khelee here. He fucked me mercilessly and I orgasmed very hard. As I was bearing down during the orgasm I poohed a little tiny one. He noticed something was strange about my actions but I don’t think he ever suspected. I scooped it up quickly and rushed to the toilet.

      Interrupted the best orgasm I had ever experienced and mortified me.

    • I was masturbating in the living room in front of the TV while watching porn. I was on my knees naked. I felt it building inside me. I leaned forward put my face on the floor and let loose. It was a huge orgasm suddenly there was cheering behind me. I quickly turned over and my husband's friends were standing there. They had their phones out and had filmed the whole thing.

    • I fucked my younger sister's boy friend one night - twice! No other way to put it - I/we just fucked. For sex. Period.
      I was feeling pretty down after catching my long-time boy friend sleeping with his ex wife.
      We sisters had apts in the same complex. I was at my sister's for a party. Her friend had been hitting on me for years. He was cute - but too young for me.
      My sister used to remark about his bed skills, and his "nice size."
      The night of the party I'd been drinking wine - probably too much wine. He offered to help me carry some things back to my apt, and from my apt back to the party.
      As soon as we came into my kitchen he backed me against the wall, told me I was much sexier than my other two sisters - and that I should stop dating old guys ....and that he could make me forget all about them! This.. while he was kissing my neck and running his hands across my rear.
      He could "make" me forget them as he pulled my rear to him - so I could feel his stiff penis down there. He apparently was going to 'fuck' their memory out of my head! My short party dress was no obstacle to his hands. He pulled up my dress, slid my bikini panties down. Unfastened his jeans, of course wearing speedo underpants. - pulled my dress apart, sucked my small breast while poking me with his dick and forcing his tongue into my mouth. "I'm going to fuck you so good you're never going to settle for another old guy!"
      And he did. He lifted me by my butt, I wrapped my legs around him as he banged me against my fridge! We came pretty quick - cleaned up - but I worried we still smelled like 'sex' at the party! He just laughed "Fucked two of 'em!" I'm sure he was thinking.
      I felt stupid - but not so stupid. I told him to come to me after the party. I took the young punk up and then I fucked & sucked him silly..... in my bed.....and never again!

    • University, halls of residence. 1st year. In my room, got smashed with friends. 2 boys left at the end and they got my knickers off. 1 single bed , 3 of us. The most amazing experience I’ve ever had, 1 in my bum the other in my pussy. I’ve never felt anything like it before. They couldn’t hold their water of course and I got a name for being a slut. Although I was mad with them I couldn’t resist it again. Getting on top of a man, knowing that another one is going to bugger you at the same time is incredible. I’ve told my fella about it when sucking him he loved it! Would I do it again? Probably not. Do I regret it? Never!

    • 2010 on holiday in Crete. Went back with someone after a night out he got me out on the balcony in my dress still but he got it up and my panties down and then inside me from behind.
      I know people could see and were watching because of the whistles and he eventually got my breasts out of my dress and on display. He fucked me hard and I closed my eyes I knew people were watching but I was high.
      I was mortified for the rest of the holiday although no one mentioned it to me, but the thought of people watching me and more mortifying how he smacked my bum and I did nothing and he made sure my tits were over the top of the balcony by pulling my hair does mortify me.
      Thought though of people maybe with pictures of me in their old photos sometimes turns me on x

    • My cheating ex (Lynn 25) had to tell me that after hours, her and her boss were naked, fucking on the office couch while 2 janitors watched. They didn't hear them come in, they had rock music blasting to drown out her loud cum moans. The next day she ran to a chick lawyer. The lawyer got her money and me money if we all sign a NDA -- Because of adultery laws i had to be included in the deal. At least then it was actually illegal to fuck another man's wife. I still have the Boss fucked my wife 67 Corvette. 20 years later she's my side fuck, cheating on another husband. She tells me now he had 3 office girls in their 20 sucking him off. He was a sharp dressed good looking guy in his 40's.

    • This sounds cliche’ and I’m sure there are plenty of similar fake stories on this site. Believe it or not, this really happened because I was naughty in my younger years.
      I’m also not telling my age because it would sound really bad. lol
      I had sex with my friend’s dad.
      It was 1999, everyone was worried about Y2K and I was well into double digits at this point with a reputation for NOT being innocent. All of them were guys close to my age.
      I was staying overnight with my best friend. Her mom was working midnight shift at the hospital and her dad was a city firefighter working a 12hr shift. I must add that her dad’s was maybe early 50s with a little graying, 6’6”, muscular with huge arms and looked like George Clooney.
      She checked out around 11pm. I stayed up and was watching the movie “Bound”. Her dad came in around 11:30 pm, changed out of his work cloths into a tight t-shirt and loose shorts. He poured himself a glass of bourbon and joined me. I was wearing a VS pink cotton sleep set, loose tank top no bra, didn’t need one (size A) with matching shorts. When the sex scene started. I noticed he was pitching a tent and was trying to cover it with a pillow.
      I became aroused and decided to make my move. He resisted a little until I told him it was ok and I want to. I pulled his hard penis from his shorts and remember thinking ‘this helped bring three people into this world’. I gave him oral but didn’t want him to cum. I stood and pulled down my shorts. He was a gentleman and tried to end it but I told him again it was ok and I’m on bc. He confessed he was fixed and allowed me to straddled him. His huge rough muscular hands were cupping my butt as I rode him. He slide his hands up my shirt, pulled it over my head and squeezed my small breasts. I could feel him swelling inside and knew he was about to cum. He whispered ‘where’. I answered, ‘inside me’. We kissed for the first time while he finished inside me.

    • Did he eat your pussy ? I would have licked your asshole too.

    • Me too ;)/..

    • Thanks for replying. I never thought anyone would read my confession. To answer your question. No he didn't give me oral. He didn't need to. LOL I was so wet from being aroused he slid in with ease!
      This site cuts off replies after so many characters so I had to delete the part where we had sex one more time.
      A couple of months later, his wife and my best friend went away for the weekend to visit grandparents. I knew her dad had to work one day and wasn't going. I called their house when I knew he'd be home. He said my friend was gone for the weekend. I told him "I know" I wanted to experience him again. He agreed.
      We had sex in his bed numerous times. That was the last time. When we were getting dressed and making the bed. He noticed my long black hair was all over the sheets. He got nervous his wife would find out. Again, I'm not sharing my age when this happened. He kept mentioning my age and he should have never done it. I stayed and did laundry and we made sure all evidence was gone. I kept telling him I was not innocent and assured him no one would find out. I also need to add everything was consensual, I initiated and have never felt bad or regretted. He was the first guy I'd been with that had created life with his penis. It was an experience I wanted.

    • You shouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Your pussy needed cock and you went for it.

    • I’m not embarrassed but I guess most girls would be, but I used to tongue fuck my boyfriend’s asshole all the time. I loved his big heavy balls resting on my nose when I lifted his legs up and licked his tight butt hole. He squirmed like a fish out of water the second my tongue touched his asshole and I really buried my whole face up his ass. I do it to my husband now and thankfully he returns the favor . I cum , even squirt from it and it’s a regular part of our sex life. I’ve had more cum in my hair and mouth from licking ass than even blowjobs.

    • I love this women ;)/..

    • OMG! I used to love rimming my ex-bf. He'd also return the favor. WOW! That feeling would make me climax every time.
      My current guy doesn't like it and won't even try doing to me.
      I know, I need a new guy. lol

    • I agreed to a threesome with two guys. I didn't know they were bi until we were in the middle of sex and the guy I was riding started sucking the other guy's penis.

    • I had sex with Mr. M the assistant principal after my prom. It was my senior prom 1995, my boyfriend and a group of guys got in a fight and the cops came and made their parents take them home. I was talked into staying. Everything ended around 8pm but I was invited to a after party. I didn't feel like going so Mr. M offered to drive me home.
      Mr. M was mid 40s and attractive. He'd just went through a divorce and everyone knew she cheated on him. He was very fit and wore tight shorts to school. His bulge was the topic in the girls locker room too. lol
      I got in his car and told him I didn't want to go home yet. Back then, it was common to have sex on prom night.
      He brushed me off until I started giving him road head. I also confirmed the locker room rumor. Mr. M was hung and thick!
      During oral I could tell he was not taking me home. lol
      The car stopped at his driveway and he told me to keep sucking while the garage door opened so the neighbors wouldn't see us.
      We got inside and I experienced the best sex ever. He gave me my first orgasm too. When we finished the first time, he apologized and got nervous. I assured him no one will find out and it was consensual.
      We had sex numerous times and in between breaks I laid in his bed and we talked. I remember wishing I was older.
      He took me home before my midnight curfew. I wish I could have spent the night in his bed.
      The last two weeks of school were not awkward.
      I never told my boyfriend and we are currently married.

    • Nice!

    • It was 2003 and I joined a sorority. During my hazing process, I was told to have sex with a homeless guy. This was before camera phones thank goodness.
      We'd just left a club around 1am and I was still buzzed and high.
      My sponsor and witness drove me to an area downtown where homeless gather.
      You should have seen the look on the old guy's face when my sponsor ask him to have sex with me. He was a little hesitant at first but finally showed us his penis.
      I barely remember the details but I gave him oral and he had thick gray hair and tasted salty. I bent over on the hood of the car and he had sex with me.
      I woke up the next morning with dried cum in my panties.
      My sponsor and the other girl told me a group of homeless guys gathered to watch. LOL

    • My wife's 90's sorority hand an arrangement with a local strip club. Freshman could work a poll for night, proceeds to charity -- or work a week in the kitchen there. She took the poll option. She loved it, went back 2 weeks a year in Nov for Xmas cash. Married late 90's a local ethnic local cub has a yearly strip contest. Winner gets a 7 day Caribbean cruise for 2. The Club as a yearly festival with an adults only booze and concert tent. She's the only ringer here, easily the hottest too. But there's a cute chubby with big tits, she brought her own fan club. She won the year before. Most girls strip to bikini. a few got to pasties -- chubby girl goes topless, My Sally has tassels swirling off her nipples. then goes full birthday suit on the poll upside down, The only one to do more than hang on to the poll. The Mc jokes she's disqualified for being a pro. The cruise was lovely. I knock her up, she never does it again. The strip contest started in the 60's, stopped 02.

    • Last year, my sorority hazing was to have unprotected sex with a black guy. During my 'interview' I was asked. Are you a virgin? NO Have you been with a girl? Yes How many? 4 How many guys? 5 How many were African American? 0.
      Due to Covid in our state, we couldn't have official socials. So, the sisters planned an 'unofficial' social with a fraternity.
      My sponsor picked the guy and we went to a room and had sex while my sponsor videoed. Before I gave the guy oral, I had to look in her phone and say, "What you are about to witness is 100% consensual"

    • I was on Spring Break with my boyfriend and some friends. We were at a beach house, everyone was drinking my boyfriend was inside watching a basketball game. I was buzzed and went out back to smoke pot with some people. The deck was crowded and one guy told me I could sit on his lap while I took a hit. I did. I was super relaxed and felt his hand slid up my dress. I took another hit and someone gave me a shot of vodka. He started fingering me and we kissed. The next thing i remember, we were having sex on a bed and my boyfriend walked in on us. Of course, he broke up with me on the spot.
      The rest of the trip was awkward. We were staying at the same hotel and rode together.
      We had to share the same room for two more days and drive back was quiet.

    • I worked in a pub when I was a student, 10 years ago now. The landlord was nice enough, lived with his wife upstairs and 2 kids. His wife stayed upstairs with them most of the time.
      He used to hit on me, to be honest I wasn’t the only one. I’d brush off his flirting, we all did. Then 1 evening just him and me working and we were having a couple of drinks whilst serving. He was enjoying teasing me with a couple of the regulars, commenting he likes me in white and the only white he could see was my bra and I just thought what the heck. I didn’t have a boy friend and I quite liked him and I was tipsy. We had sex loads over the next 6 months and I enjoyed it and even thought a bit of us being together.
      The embarrassing, mortifying bit though is the amount of photos and videos and face time calls I did or sent him of whatever he wanted. Some in my school clothes, once hurriedly in a clothes shop changing room when he rang and demanded I went somewhere and spread my legs. The most cringeworthy is I would send him videos of me masturbating after he demanded I tell him what I wanted him to do to me next and I would always to orgasm. When we stopped he promised he would never share but couldn’t delete them. I was young and believed him, still do. We are Facebook friends but that’s all now with the odd flirty message from him at Christmas. Makes me go red though now!

    • Mmmmm wow! That is sexy. I’d love to see those!

    • When I was 19 I fucked my younger brother's friend. I was home for the summer laying by the pool in a bikini. I caught him spying on me and motioned him over. His shorts were bulging from a massive hard on. I could tell his dick was huge. I pulled on his waistband and giggled when he turned red. I got on my knees in front of him and told him to relax. I took out his cock and deepthroated him. It was the biggest I had ever seen and sucking him was making me so wet I started fingering myself. Between his moaning and gasping in pleasure he said he wanted to fuck me. I pulled his dick out and told him if he wanted me he could have me.

      He threw me on my beach towel and ripped my bikini off. He grabbed my legs and shoved his huge dick into me and fucked me so hard I lost all sense of what was happening. Somewhere in the middle of it I caught a glimpse of my brother watching us. Here I am, on my back naked, with his friend on top of me, moaning like a whore while he fucks the shit out of me. I was so embarrassed but it felt so good. I let him finish inside of me and go stumbling away with wobbly legs. For a 15 year old he knew what he was doing. Just thinking about his massive cock again makes me horny. It's been years since I've seen him. Maybe I'll look him up again.

    • Yes! he's probably even bigger and more fucking pussy and ass under his belt! go get him!

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