Naked & Afraid How far would you go?

Ok ladies, be truthful. If you became stranded with a hot guy that you’ve never met, be honest, how far would you go? Oh yeah, the twist….. both you are NOT wearing cloths.

My husband and I recently began watching the silly staged fake reality show, Naked & Afraid. The premise of the show is for two strangers, a man and a woman, to survive for 21 days with no cloths. A few of the guy contestants are hot & sexy!

I’m a 44 year old wife of 20 years, mother of three & realtor. I work hard to stay fit, eat healthy and yoga twice a day. My husband is a health club manager and marathon runner. After twenty years of marriage, we still have a healthy sex life. Other than during the last months of each pregnancy, the longest we’ve gone without having sex has been 7 days. I’ve never strayed from my marriage. Not bragging but I’ve had numerous opportunities, haven’t we all! As far as I know, my husband has never strayed either.

Last night were watching that show and the male contestant was tall and sexy HOT! I made a comment about how they had to blur a much larger area at his crotch compared to other men that had bee on the show.
My husband playfully asked me ‘how far would you go if you was on the show with that guy?”

That got me thinking….I know this is anonymous but still….I know there would be no intercourse. I told my husband.
My husband knows my sex drive and said I’d find some way of incidental contact with the penis. Like brushing my hand across it or bump into him by accident. I agreed with him.
He asked if I’d give the guy oral. I told him, probably not because on the show the living conditions are pretty dirty and some contestants ‘really’ get sick.
What I didn’t tell him was if the production crew provided some hygiene products, behind the scenes, I’d have no problem washing his penis then do oral. Again, this is anonymous and I’m just being honest.
My husband and I have a great relationship so he asked me again. “How far would you go?”
I took a moment to think then told him.
A man and woman naked for 21 days! That’s a long time to be with a HOT naked guy with his penis swinging around all day!
I told my husband I’d give the guy a helping ‘hand’ to relieve morning wood. Again, think about this. How could you not give the guy a helping ‘hand’ after you’ve spooned all night to stay warm and his penis is in your butt crack.
This is my first post and I’m glad this is anonymous. That’s why I’m being honest.
This question is for women in a relationship or married.
How far would you go if you were naked with a hot guy for 21 days?

11 days ago

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    • F/38 & married. Watched the show a few times. The guy with a tattoo down his leg. YES! I'd take care of him! Hand, mouth or intercourse!

    • Being naked with a hot guy would do nothing for me but it might for my wife. If she were on the show, I'd probably give her a free pass as she loves attention from men.

    • My husband and I talked about this show too. For me, it is more of a concern about the cameras and what will be shown later on TV. I look forward to letting loose in front of the camera men and spooning with the guy contestant as we cuddle for warmth. The sex part is more about what my guy wants and what we can we get away with without the cameras airing out our naughty doings. If he can get in and get off without the camera crew filming us, or if the camera crew promises to not air the naughty bits, I'd be completely happy with going all the way and having a bit of a honeymoon with my assigned partner.

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