Worst timing ever

Ok picture the scene, I’m on my bed watching porn on my laptop, nice hard cock building myself up for the finish, and I’m cumming, up my chest, belly, on my hands down my cock and in my pubes, lovely.
The second I finished someone is knocking on my front door, actually someone is trying to bash my door in, continuous knocking and a voice shouting come on I know you’re in there open up.
Who the fuck is it, I’m covered in cum and I’ve got some maniac knocking on my door.
I quickly go to the bathroom and wiped as much cum off as I could with loo paper, I then put on jogging pants and T-shirt and answer the door.
I cautiously open the door and it’s my ex girlfriend friend, I’ve not seen her for over a year, hiya she said travelling back from Manchester and thought I say hello.
Blimey I said not seen you for ages, I know she said, you gonna invite me in, of course I said come in.
My ex girlfriend friend is one funny lady I got on really well with her.
About 10 minutes in after asking what I’ve been up to she said have you pissed yourself, no why you say that, as I said that I looked down, my cock is still leaking cum and my jogging pants are light grey so now I have a very obvious wet patch, so if you haven’t pissed yourself what have you done she said, don’t know I said must of splash myself when washing my hands, she said, that wetness is from the inside not the outside.
With her big voice she said, if I didn’t know you better I would have said you’ve cum in your pants, then she said you’ve gone bright red.
Well she said hope it was a good one then carried on chatting.

1.1 years ago

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