Want to share my wife

I am 45, my wife and mom of 1 is 42. I want to share her with other guys. Not just anyone though. I want to see her taking strange cock from different types--much older (60+), way younger (18-25), various races, and of course guys that are 9 + inches.

We have been married over 20 years now and our sex life is great. I just have had this growing desire to see her fucking other guys. I can't explain it but I get off so much harder when I imagine seeing a stranger slam himself inside her and watch his dick pulse as he fills her with his cum.

I have always loved the look of a cream pie and have given her many over the years. But the last few years the image of another dick making that deposit has become a major turn on for me.

And especially if it is an 18 or 19 year old who is thrilled to be asked to nut in a married pussy or a senior citizen who is allowed to smash his gray haired balls up against her wet cunt and shoot his jizz into her.

I don't want to clean him or her after. I just want to see her being used by some random hard guy and watch his cum leaking back out of her battered cunt.

Am I completely crazy for this fantasy or do other guys feel the same? I would love to hear from any husbands, wives, or the random guys that do this if there are any.


Mail the above name on yahoo if interested.

7 months ago

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    • You're not crazy my friend it's a cuckold dream I've been there and it's fantastic let it happen

    • My 1st experience was way back when I was maybe 23, I played and sang in a band. A couple came in, he looked to be in his 50's and she was my age, beautiful.
      He asked me to come over and play for them at their house, which was strange. Offered $50, so hell yes!
      I set up, did a few tunes and they started necking, then he began taking her clothes off. Not knowing what to do, I kept on playing and singing, then he asked me if I would like having sex with her.
      She was beautiful, I was skittish over the situation, Weird with him sitting there, but finally I did the deed.
      After that, I went over there a couple of times a week, for free.
      Since then I most enjoy sex with other men's wives, there sure is no shortage of men who like that.
      I must be close to 25 of them now at age 45, and lots of repeats, plus a few swinger parties.
      I quit playing and singing, got hungry so found a job.

    • We invited a friend over, he always liked my wife and we both were well aware. The look on his face when I told him he could have her as long as I was there to watch was priceless.
      He got so excited he was stuttering.
      I told him he had to be gentle and last at least 15 minutes or there would be no 2nd time.

      He did, it was amazing, since then we have evolved and now I get to fuck his wife when we get together at least once a month.

    • Back in the 90s my wife would fuck black men so I could watch, all three holes, swallowed, gang bangs. She was very sub and would do anything I wanted.

    • Back in the 90’s my wife was raped by a y black guy! I hated it happened but ever since I fantasize about being there watching him fuck her!

    • Would you like them to fuck her in the arse ?

    • This is the OP. Every reply to your comment before this one wasn't from me. Look where he says he would suck a dick. My original post I said I had no interest in cleaning him or her after. That is the thing about anonymous posting. Some dumbass can hijack the thread.

    • Where ever they’d like! She won’t let me do it but I think in that situation she might just think fuck it lets go for it.

    • I really hope you persist and start fucking her arse she will love it believe me.

    • I will keep trying! She’s very vanilla with sex, but I think she’s lucky with me as I’ll do pretty much anything she wants in the bedroom, and I mean anything!!! The only thing I draw the line with is water and hard sports. Hell I’m straight but id even suck the cum of someone’s dick that just fucked her if that’s what she wants.

    • I did that and it was so fucking hot. The cum mixed with her juice was sooo good

    • Don't think of anything other than fucking her up the arse, you both will just love it.

    • I’m just the same with the different age gaps and races, however what really gets my juices flowing is thinking about hearing and seeing him throb right as he fills her pussy with cum just before it’s my turn. My cock is right hard now just thinking about how it would feel sliding in her using his cum as lube.

    • Yesssss!!! Sloppy seconds are another thing I want to try.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve had sloppy seconds, from my cheating ex from years ago. I was naive at the time, I remember it usually being quite tight and having to ease it in, but on a couple of occasions she was really wet and I went in with no real resistance, just slid straight all the way in with one thrust. She just said she was really horny, but now I know she was cheating all the times, I was hurt when I found out, but now I use that memory to help me cum fast!

    • I am 55 how about it where do u live

    • I think many guys have very similar thoughts , with me it first started when I noticed guys looking at her legs and cleavage trying to see up her skirt or down her top , She was never aware I'm sure ,I started encouraging her to wear shorter skirts and lower tops in the summer to catch the sun , that's when things got started off for me and I was hooked on voyeurs watching us , if you want to here the first time let me know

    • I would absolutely love to hear about it!

    • I allow my young 22 yo plumber to fuck my wife (40 yo) as I have ED problem. When she is done with him, I eat her pussy clean. Great satisfaction for us both ...

    • I've wanted to try that myself. My wife wasn't into it though.

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