First time for everything.

Id seen him go in the toilets as i was just finishing putting more air in the tyres of my bike and he still had not come out.Iv been given a blow job before but its not something that happens often and it doe`s not matter who`s sucking who to your mates if you get caught.Im 18 and i just could not resist and sure enough he was looking for a bit of cock to play with and his eyes went straight down as i unzipped for the pee that never came.Thankfully it was quite late in the afternoon and cold so no one came in and waited as there were several cubicles ,Sitting there i wondered what the fuck he was waiting for but once my cock was out and it was in his hands hard as fuck he started to suck it more and more, He stopped, licked my cock and said `iv waited a long time for this`and carried on giving me a blowjob, more stopping as if he was enjoying looking at what he was taking,Little hesitation as i began to come but i just pushed faster and further in with him really sucking my cock.I am not into men but my cock needed sucking .You get such a power surge thrusting in another guys mouth knowing he wants your cock so bad.

12 days ago

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