Visiting SIL

So we’re allowed to travel again because the majority are double vacced and my SIL comes to visit her brother. So they arrange a drink up at his house and we attend brining a carton of Soju and Cruisers.

I decided to walk around the corner of the house as If I need to take a piss and the SIL follows for a smoke.

I asked if she ever felt alone in her marriage and she said at times. I told her I do all the time and that her sister refuses to come down on me unless I ask her. I grabbed the SIL’s hand and tell her even me wanting to hold her hand she pushes me away. No way she says. I then reach around her and grab her ass and again tell her the misses doesn’t want any of that. I finally grabbed her hand and ran it over my cock and again tell her her sister will always push away and not talk to be.

The SIL says that I’ve pretty much been neglected and felt sorry for me. What about touching her breasts or rubbing her nipples she asked me and same answer, not happening.

So she grabs my hand and puts in on her breasts and grabs the other hand and slide it down her pants, and finally she gown into my pants and holds onto my starting to be erected cock. Here let me ease your tension and brings my cock out and gets down and starts to sick my cock.

She gets up and gives me the longest French kiss and started to remover her shorts and panties. She the went to hug the wall and told me to not stop until I was released of all those sessions I so much wanted.

So I pushed it into her wet pussy and she covered mouth to muzzle the moaning and I didn’t even go slow. I hammered that cock into her pussy like there’s no tomorrow while reached around to squeeze her breasts. She told me to squeeze harder and harder, and I obliged. I told her so was going to cum and she said she isn’t on any contraceptions and to force it into her ass.

I pulled her but cheeks to each sides and slowly slid my cock into her tight ass. She was now biting her fist and whispered to go hard and fast! Again I obliged and ram the frk out of that tight ass until I came with a massive load of cum up deep i her ass.

I pulled out and pulled my pants up so did she and she gave me one more kiss and said she was here for the whole week!

13 days ago


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    • Hope that turns into a regular thing.
      SIL Sex is unbeatable.

      My husband’s sister is who turned me on to lez licking.

    • The most amusing thing is that during british rule and immediate aftermath ceylon/ sri lanka exported professionals to asian countries like Malaysia Singapore. NOW it exports sinhala housemaids laboureres thieves and crooks and also s** slaves to the Middle East countries

      In addition the sinhalas take pride in their housemaids working in chinese households wiping chinese arses in singapore in their national papers.

      ALSO MY VIEW ISWHAT THE FUSS WHEN THE PAKIS RECENTLY KILLED A SINHALA GUY AND BURNED HIM when they have been doing the same thing to tamil peoples in sri lanka. KARMA is a b****!!!!

    • Another dumb story from the Brit Twit.

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