Ditch Digging

So my dope dealer, a tiny little lady, old hippie, kind of a fucking mess, calls ME looking for pills. She sounded bad, on the verge of tears. "Please, ANYTHING, a valium or a xannax, or whatever ! " I happened to have some low dosage xannax, so, I took her a couple. I get there and she's in one of her long robes, her red hair wet. I give her the pills, and she pops both of them, immediately. I had seen her down before, but, this seemed worse. She produced a joint and we smoked it. I got her to talk and she just sounded lonely but, distracted too. She told me about her next door neighbor, an ex-drunk and drug abuser who stayed on her about getting clean, but, also wanted to fuck her and she didn't want to go there. "He has fucked everything in town, so, I don't want any of that ! " I shrugged, and admitted how complicated things could get. She told me, "I need some human contact SO BAD !" I hugged her close and kissed her forehead. She stood, maybe five foot, two inches. She returned the kiss, but, planted it on my lips, and thrust her tongue between my teeth. I was a bit taken aback and backed up. "How much human contact, exactly ? " I asked. She dropped her robe, presenting her naked body. " How about your naked body against mine ? " I was surprised at how good she looked nude. Teacup tits, but, still perky, a little tuft of ginger pubes, an ass suitable for worship, freckles everywhere except on her tits and ass. She led me to her bedroom and I stripped naked as she got in bed. "I don't have a condom, do you ? " she asked timidly. I didn't and shrugged. "Oh, well, we can't fuck, but, I can suck you off, or, jerk you, " she said. Sounded good to me. We made out, felt each other up, I got rock hard. She went down on me, but, honestly, wasn't that good at it. It became obvious as I started to flag a little. So, I told her, "We can ditch dig !" She's like, "What's that ? " I quickly tossed her on her back, got her little legs up, and began fucking her cunt crack. "This is ditch-digging !" I told her. He pussy was really wet, which also surprised me. "Ohhh, Oooooo, ooooooo ! Don't stick it in, okay ?" I grunted something close to yes, and kept at it, splitting her pussy lips apart, grazing her hard little clit. I sucked and mauled her jiggling tits. I put her hands on my nipples and told her to pinch. She did and I got even more erect. She began coming and got pretty vocal. "PINCH HARD !" I demanded as I came, and she did, and my come shot out onto her belly and jiggling titties. She rolled out on wobbly legs and returned to the shower. I dressed and stole a pair of panties from her drawer. Trophy stuff I would jack off into later that night.

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