The perfect man is 7 different ones

Had a girls night in last week drinking, takeaway and a good chat.
Turns out I need 7 different men to have the best sex.
We spoke about strange things ex boyfriend have done sexually, being honest I didn’t have much to contribute but my friends had many stories.
One said her ex sniffed and smelled her pussy for ages before any real action happened.
Another said one of her ex’s believe it or not took ages to cum and would just keep pumping away, comes a point when to much of a good thing is not good.
One would stick his finger up his ass to cum harder. Not sure I’m liking that one, I get why he’s doing it but eww.
Another made far to much mess when ejaculating.
One like talking dirty calling her a slut and using the C word.
Another said her ex like’s to take it nice a slow, couldn’t just get on with it every time it was like he was Mr Lover!
Another took so much time caressing her body she fell asleep.
So 7 different men for me, I would love to have my body caressed and I wouldn’t say no to someone wanting to sniff and smell between my legs.
Talking dirty I don’t have a problem with, time and a place for everything not all the time.
As for a man pumping away, yes please I do enjoy a long session and as for sticking your finger up your ass to cum harder, I’m half ok.
I do like to see how excited a man get as he’s about to ejaculate and feeling the warm cum hit your body is lovely it’s like my friend said, the clearing up bit.
I do like a man to take his time and not rush things, but come on you gotta know when to go up a few gears.

1 month ago

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    • A Trip to the Dept of Eligible Husbands :
      1st floor - blue collar worker, attractive, loyal, handy around the house, good father, remembers anniversaries , flowers or chocolates on Valentines Day, dinner out on your birthday, a vacation to the mountains or the beach every summer, wants sex often, 80 k salary.
      2nd floor - white collar worker, attractive, well-dressed, loyal, good father once kids are begat, secretary reminds him of anniversaries, flowers and chocolates on Valentine's Day, dinner out and a stay at 5 star hotel on birthdays, a vacation to the mountains and the beach every summer, wants sex often, 150k salary.
      3rd floor - CEO of major corporation, attractive, well-dressed, loyal when present, kids at boarding schools, mistress reminds him of anniversaries , new luxury car on Valentine's Day, weeks vacation in St. Tropez on birthdays, four month vacation on the yacht every summer, wants sex occasionally, but keeps lovers of your choice onhand, 200 million salary.
      4th floor - There's nothing here. This was just to prove NOTHING is ever good enough for you bitches !

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