My solo Nudist vacation...

Im 23, male and a while back I booked a weekend at this nudist resort about 3 hours away for myself.

I had a fantastic time, I live being naked whenever I can either by myself at home or in my room with others home, only one who knows of my little habit is my mom.

The weekend was filled with beautiful naked bodies, fun experiences and a definite return is in the future! ;)

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  • What did you experience with those naked bodies?

  • It's freeing and easy to get comfortable once you're used to it. Barriers are down. Beaches aren't as fun to me as people go there to gawk but resorts are great as people are there to relax. It's REALLY fun to go with your wife or girlfriend.

    You said that your mom knows. Has she witnessed you or have you just told her? Do you go nude in front of you mom and if so, what is her response?

  • Yes she's seen me, she doesn't mind and honestly I think she enjoys the view...

  • Mom never saw me but MIL did plenty of times as I'd walk around naked in front of her after my shower while we were on vacation and sharing a room with my wife. It didn't bother her.

    I remember once I was at a resort and went to one of their Saturday night dances. I walked into the club house and out of about 40 people, I was the only one naked. It was fun having 40 and 50 year old women of all shapes and sizes walk up to me in jeans or sundresses ask me to slow dance, though.

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