My Xmas present

I fuck my step daughter every Xmas morning. 5 years now. It started when she was 18 and she came home for winter break. She has never been afraid to be naked in the house. She got that from her mother. She will take a shower and come out stark naked and walk to her room upstairs.

That first year, I was upstairs cleaning the office which is right across from the spare bedroom. She had just gotten out of the shower and was walking upstairs. I was taking some boxes out of the garage when she walked up to me. She said, “Hey there Mike. Merry Christmas!” I said, “Holy shit! You scared the hell out of me.” She gave me a hug. Well a side hug. My insanely hot step daughter pressed her boobs to my chest. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. I said, “Honey, may wanna wear a towel or something coming out of the shower.” She said, “Why?” I said, “Well, you are an adult and incredibly hot. If we had company over they would absolutely be looking.” She said, “Kinda like you are now?” I pushed her away and said, “Give me a spin. Lemme get a look at you.” She held my hand and twirled. Perfect ass. Perfect breasts. Her pubes were trimmed and in a small triangle. No pubes on her pussy lips. Her belly button is pierced and she has a floral tattoo starting at her side boob and going down to her thigh.

I said, “Got a boyfriend?” She said, “Nothing serious. Hey, when you come back in I have a Christmas present for you.” I took the boxes to the garage and walked back upstairs. She heard me coming up the stairs and said, “I’m in here.” I walked into the spare bedroom and she was laying naked on the bed. I said, “You are still naked.” She said, “Indeed I am. Come here.” I walked up to her. She sat up and started undoing my shorts. I said, “What are you doing?” She said, “I’m gonna give you your Christmas present.” She pushed my basketball shorts to the floor and started sucking my dick.

I said, “Should we be doing this?” She said, “Yes. We should. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was 14. I walked in on you fucking mom doggystyle. It was so hot. I’ve been waiting till I was legal. She continued the blowjob. It was incredible. Then she held my hands and pulled me on top of her. I slid my cock inside her and started pumping. I said, “What about your mom?” She said, “She’s asleep. She took a sleeping pill. We can moan and fuck as loud as we want. She won’t wake up.”

I had masturbated earlier that day so I didn’t cum instantly like I should have. I didn’t last more than 15 minutes either way. Her pussy latched on and wouldn’t let go till she got another load.

Since then every year in the middle of the night, she comes to get me and we go upstairs and have sex.

21 days ago


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    • Like mother like daughter

    • I too have an incredibly hot stepdaughter,she's recently split up with her boyfriend,I bumped into him at a bar and I had to ask him what's it like fucking her,he replied saying I could say the same about your wife,so I had to tell him she loves being fucked in her ass! Well what do you know,so does her daughter

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