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I have found something out that I find strange . I bumped into a mate of mine that I had not seen for a long time , So we went out for a drink and a catch up during are conversation my wifes past was brought up , This was when she was a school girl a long time ago before I had even met her , My mate told me that her brother would allow his friends to go up stairs into her room and watch her sleeping , How he knew this was one night he went back to her house with her brother and some other mates , My mate said it was quite late at night everybody was asleep her brother went up stairs to make sure she was asleep and everybody else in the house , He would leave the toilet light on so you could see , Then he said its ok you can go up when you want , My mate said they would take it in turns to look at her he just went along with the others and did the same , I must say my wife was a teenager at the time and her brother only a year older than her , The lads that was doing this varied slightly in age , Anyway back to my friend he told me that when he went up she was slightly uncovered he could see her tit , This went on for a while he said some of the lads would seem to take ages up there, Then it was his turn again when he crept into the room he said he could not believe it she was uncovered and her knickers was pulled down , He said she also looked like she had come on her tits then he told me that he did not do anything just went back down stairs, On the way home he talked with the other three lads they said they had all done this before ,Then they all went there separate ways except for one who lived close to my mate , My mate said now he was on his own he got talking about what he had done when he was upstairs , He said that he had wanked over her and came on her tits like they all did except one of the other lads came on her face , He also said he had sniffed her pussy he wanted to lick it but he was afraid she would wake up , I can not understand how she never woke up this I find strange , also not immediately but eventually I told my wife what I had heard about her past , I did not go into to the gory details but she said she had heard the same at that time from others , She claims she was never aware of any of this but she said she would wake up half undressed sometimes , Also she would have dry pale crusty marks on her some times which she would have to wash off , But this happened a long time ago now I often think did my mate do anything , he said he did not , Or was my wife aware of what was going on I'll never know , She his very prim and proper so I hardly think so and that was when she was 16 she his 34 now.

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  • She was awake. She knew what was happening. She loved it. She would do it again.

  • It's hard to say if she was aware of what was going on or not, some girls are heavy sleepers and you can get away with quite alot without waking them. The most important thing to keep in mind is that she did nothing wrong, it was the boys who were being bad, as boys typically are, and it happened when she was very young, so even if she knew what they were doing, she should not be held accountable for her actions.

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