Christmas To Remember

I do a threesome at times with mom and this guy who knows how to use his cock. It's a decent size dick but mom would like it to be a monster black dick, it's her fantasy. He's can put out huge loads and has stamina for long time sex sessions. I guess it's because of the sex pills he's addicted to. We usually get together on Saturday nights to get pleasured. He loves mom's big tit's and the thick thighs she has. So do I. we're bi. Mom coaxed him in giving me his cream pie since since I'm horny as mom but a small breasted fat bbw. Ever since then he humps me good and hard while mom plays with my nipples. He's our secret sex friend.
Christmas was coming up and I convinced him to take me to an adult store to buy mom a gift. I sucked and jerked him and took his load on my face and then he was willing to take me shopping at the store. I bought a big black dick extender for him to use on mom and me and a huge black strap-on for me to use on mom. He bought me pierce jewelry to put on my privates.
Christmas fell on a Saturday this year, our play night. Mom smiled at the gifts I bought and liked the pierced jewelry I had on my nipples and kitty. Mom bought him a leather cock ring and ball sack ring. Mom and I dressed naughty and teased him a little to get things going. Mom hung bells on her big size tits and wrote " cream pies needed here" on her inner thigh with an arrow pointing to her slit. Mom and I put the leather ring on his privates and sucked that dick good. I put on the huge black strap-on and help put the black dick extender him. While he jingled the bells on mom's tits I went down on mom to get her snatch ready for the toys. He slowly eased his new size dick in her and she yelled out, "Oh Baby!" He got her to orgasm. He removed the extender and eased it in my ass while I filled mom's cunt with the strap-on I was wearing and jingled her tits.
The day after Christmas mom and I begged him to bukkake us. We kept masturbating him onto us until he could no longer could make cum. Mom and I kept rubbing and licking the cum on each other while he kept slapping my ass with the whip I gave him for Christmas and tied moms tits and made them change color.
New Years falls on Saturday also. Hope it starts off very naughty for us having him as our sexual pleasure maker.

24 days ago

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