I travel a lot for work and spend many nights in hotels. I have seen a few amateur videos of guys who intentionally get caught jerking off buy the maids while staying at a hotel...they put on their headphones while looking at their laptops and pretend not to hear the maids knock while jerking off. The idea turned me on so much i have done it 5 or 6 times now and I have to say what a thrill. Now they usually just apologize turn around and leave after seeing me. But one did stare for about 10 sec ...maybe in shock I don’t know but I know each time I shot a huge load. Hoping one will stay and watch once. Maybe a long shot but it is still a thrill to be seen.

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  • I used to work as a cleaning lady in a hotel and trust me, seeing a guy jerk off is not hot. its about as arousing as seeing someone taking a shit.

  • Relax a little! its the people so uptight about little things that make big deals out of nothing. really? the SAME as shitting? see you said that trying to piss him off and I got to wonder why? Im gonna say nobody WANTS you seeing their dick and your jealous of the girls getting big cocks shown to them and u never have. sad really. next time if I know its u ill shit for u instead

  • You are just one person. I doubt you speak for everyone.

  • You are so right.

  • I too once got caught but Lucky for me it was a young Hispanic girl 18 or 19 was frozen in her tracks. She smiled on came over and blew me after I offered her $20.

  • Nice. I can only hope that happens to me.

  • You’re a horrible person

  • Next time she will cut your dick off

  • Fuck one next time

  • Did you not pull the thong to the side and give her a good licking it what she was wanting .

  • There are some Hotels that back list a person for bad behavior

  • Black

  • I walked in on my room cleaner bent over with her thong out scrubbing the bathtub she continued cleaning like nothing was up it was strange but hot

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