The Best kind of Karen, part 4

The next morning, I was sleeping very well when my phone rang.
Karen: This evening is to far away. Come now. When you get here, leave your clothes downstairs and come to my bedroom.
Me: Yes ma’am.

And she hung up. Feeling exhausted and excited I got up quick, didn’t want to waste anytime. When I arrived at her house it was silent. I walked in left my clothes on the couch and proceeded upstairs. I slowly pushed open the door to her bedroom, and Karen was sitting on the end of the bed. Black heels, sheer black pantyhose and a black bra. I immediately got hard when I saw her. She gestured me towards her and when I got close, she told me to fall to my knees. As I did both her heeled feet slid towards me. Slowly I removed her heels exposing her red painted nylon toes. I grabbed her soles and pressed them on my face inhaling all of her scent. Then I licked my way from her heel to the tips of her toes. Sucking my way across her ten toes. Abruptly Karen stood up and pulled me to my feet. She unhooked her bra exposing her plump round breast. After she tossed her bra to the bed, she grabbed my cock in her soft warm hand. She pull my cock toward her nylon covered mound and tells me to slide my cock between her thighs. I placed my arms around her waist looking into her eyes as I slowly slid my cock into her nylon thigh gap. Karen wrapped her arms around me, pressing her breast against my chest, sliding her silky nylon crotch back and forth across my cock. Our heart rates matched the more she slid. Her warm juices began soak her nylons and my cock as she finally pressed her lips to mine. All of a sudden she stopped. The tip of my cock pressed between her thighs. She kissed my check then whispered in my ear “cover my nylons in your cum”. I exploded. Her arms wrapped around me, was the only thing keeping me from falling to the ground. Karen slowly slid off my falling cock and walked to the mirror to see how I painted her pantyhose. A smile covered her, “good boy” she said as she walked into the bathroom. I heard water turn on as I caught my breath, on the end of the bed. Karen disappeared into the bathroom for a few minute, then emerged from the door naked. “Come take a bath with me”. I walked in the bathroom as she was climbing into the tub. As I stepped into the tub she stopped me before I sat down. “You missed a spot” she said and put my flaccid cock in her mouth, sucking and licking off the remaining cum. We took a baTh together for maybe an hour. She played with herself while I sucked her toes. Then all of a sudden she stood up. “Let’s rinse off then you can fuck me”. We got in her giant shower rinsed off and made our way back to her bed. Karen sat at the end of her bed, pull me towards her face, and took my cock to the back of her throat with ease. When it got throbbing hard, she spit on it, stroked it one last time and said “fuck me”. Karen did like a slow start, when she said fuck me, she meant it. She laid on her back on the bed, I lifted her legs and slowly and she again said “fuck me”. That’s when I realized what my job was, and I did it. I pressed her feet on my face, and fucked her hard and fast. That shit was amazing, she was a screamer and a dirty talker. She loved saying big black dick, and I loved hearing it. My abs were burning, my legs were getting stiff but I was still pumping that pussy. Then I put her toes in my mouth, and I felt my dick tell me it’s time.
Me: I’m bout to cum!
Karen: Drain that big black dick in me.

Hearing Karen say that made me explode and I kept pumping till my dick was completely soft. I fell beside her on the bed, and we both dozed off for hours. And I woke up to the feeling of her nylon covered hand rubbing my dick.
Me: Fuck, that feels so good.
Karen: You deserve it, lay back and enjoy.

She slow stroked my dick with that nylon and right before I came, she squeezed my tip and my cum shot like a missal all over my stomach and chest. And then she licked me clean.

I was Karen’s fuck toy that spring semester. Then she offered me an internship, and the first day of that internship was one of the last few times I was inside Karen.

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