Double Vaginal

Been with the other half for most of our adult lives, and Ive always got of on the idea of watching her get fucked by another guy, as part of a mfm.

Tempted her by visiting swingers clubs, swingers sites, even visited one guys home at 11.30 at night with her all dressed up but whilst up in the bedroom she froze, as she said it was too rushed.

This has gone on for sometime, and I think Im going to have to admit defeat. The problem is that my imagination is running wild and its gone now, where I did love to have dp with her taking a BBC. Also the thought of her being creampied gangbanged is something that I wished I could encourage her slowly down the road to perversion!

Downside is, no matter how many times I reiterate that my pleasure is seeing her getting pleasured. She things I want to sleep with other off the mark her assumption always is!!!

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  • Get the whore drunk works with my wife a few beers a little weed and she'li fuck anyone.

  • I recently told hubby that we should bring a female into our relationship as a third. I like pussy and he likes pussy what's the big deal, right? He thinks I'm allowing this, so I can have an excuse to sleep with other men. Insane! I just wanna watch him pleasure someone else and I want to taste a kitty once in a while. Sigh.

  • My wife also 'chickens out' -- claiming she fears that I would lose respect for her afterwards (we've been married nearly 20 years, and she is very hot and a 41 year old MILF through and through). I think the real reason is she is worried that I'll want to sleep with another woman if I let her sleep with other men... Which isn't the truth, of course... Sigh

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