Mel and Sam part 1

This is where I found myself: My wife was naked in our bed, laying on her belly, her absolutely stunning ass in the air, raven hair cascading down her back. Her daughter was next to her, just as naked, her ass almost as stunning, her own dark hair almost touching it. Their pale skin almost glowed in the dim light.
"I'm not so sure about this," I said, trying to hide my erection and excitement.
Melanie, my wife had been pregnant when we met. I had been there for Samantha's birth and in all the ways that mattered, been her father. All the major milestones: when she had first crawled, walked, talked, first day of school, first boyfriend, first heartbreak; I had been there for. I had seen her grow from a baby, to a young girl, in to a young beautiful woman who was admittedly as attractive as her mother.
I had noticed that as she had entered her teen years, she was almost a carbon copy of Melanie. They could pass as sisters.
It was around that time Sam had started to wear more revealing clothes around the house. The sight of her butt in a thong, her budding breasts in a peekaboo bra was pretty common but Mel did the same thing.
I never thought of Sam in a sexual way, though. She would come into our bed after having a bad dream when she was younger. Mel would try to get frisky after Sam had fallen asleep. I found it too difficult to enjoy myself with her in the bed with us and couldn't perform.
But now she was naked, in our bed and offering herself to me with her mother right next to her!
"Bill, Sam and I have talked about this. She's been watching us screw for years whenever she could.
Sam giggled."I hid in the closet a few times to see how you do it when I wasn't in the bed. You were always too quiet when you could see me."
This was a bit shocking, to say the least.
"When you pulled her hair and slapped her rump," Sam gave a quiver that shook her backside," Mmmm."
"So we talked about it. You know she tried seducing you a few times?" Mel asked.
"In the swimming pool, when my towel 'dropped' as I came out of the bathroom, when I tried to get in the shower with you, the time you thought I was mom laying in the bed in the dark with you," Sam counted off on her fingers.
That last one had been close. I had had my cock at the entrance of Sam's pussy before I realize it was her. In the dim light I swore it was Mel.
"Those weren't accidents?" I said, still trying to cover up my boner.
"I've wanted to screw you ever since I saw you and mom the first time," Sam said, looking me directly with her dark eyes.
"It's true," Mel said, looking at me with hers as well. "But I told her she had to wait till she grew up a bit."
My heart was hammering in my chest. She had been so young and wanted me that way? Unbelievable!
"There's something else. I wasn't the one who would wake you up when she was in the bed with us," Mel said shily. Sam giggled.
"It was me!" Sam said with a grin.
"You?" I croaked.
I would wake up, thinking Mel was sucking on my dick. When I was rock hard, I would roll over and screw Mel. Somehow, Sam must have gotten out of the way and in my half asleep state, I hadn't noticed.
"I would play with you, then watch you and mom fuck." Sam slid her hand between her body and the mattress, down to her crotch. "God, I want you."
"I give you permission, Bill," Mel said," I just want to watch. So how about it? Will you fuck her?"
My head was spinning, my heartbeat filled my ears. Have sex with Sam? While Mel watched? She had wanted me for how long?
"He wants to. Look at his pants," Sam teased.
It was true, the front of them was tented out even though I tried to hide it. I was excited, but at the same time scared out of my mind at the prospect of having sex with Sam.
"Come here," Mel said
I stepped towards her. She sat up on her knees, her beautiful pale nippled breasts jutting out. She undid my pants as she kissed me. Feeling a familiar sensation on my dick, I looked down to see the top of Sam's dark head bobbing as she sucked me.
"I would hold your cock while she sucked," Mel whispered to me,"I loved teaching her how to use her tongue on the bottom part while sucking your tip.
Just as she said this, Sam performed it. I threw my head back and groaned as my legs almost buckled. Sam giggled as her mother ran her fingers though her daughter's long hair. I placed my hand on the side of Samantha's head as she kept sucking.
"You're not mad?" I asked Mel.
"Hell no! Why should I be?"
"We'll fuck later. Right now, fuck my little girl," she purred into my ears, causing me to shiver harder than I had from Sam's mouth. "She's waited for years."
Sam was looking up at me with my cock in her mouth, her dark eyes locked onto mine.
"You're sure?" I asked
Sam nodded.
"Yes," Mel whispered and kissed my neck as I cupped her bottom.
"Okay," I relented.
Sam released me from her mouth with a squeal, sat up on her knees like her mother, and kissed me on the lips. At first it was awkward, she ran her tongue across my lips several times. All I could think of was her as a little girl, putting long kisses on my lips. Had she been trying back then as well?
Eventually, I parted my lips and our tongues entwined. She was a very good kisser and soon, all my fears were gone as we kissed each other eagerly.
My left hand was still on Mel's butt. With my right, I cupped Sam's jaw. As our kisses grew more passionate, I slid my hand down to her breast, her puckered pale nipple pressed into my palm.
Mel took my hand off of her derriere and put it on her daughter's. I rolled her hard nipple between my fingers and she moaned. I slipped my left down to her crotch and found her clitoris sticking out proudly just like her mother's did. She bucked and gasped as I rolled it between my fingers as well. Sam threw her head back, so I dropped my mouth to her left breast, licking and sucking her pebble like nipple.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried out.
I snuck a peek at Melanie. Her dark eyes were fixed on us and she was rubbing herself, pinching her own pale nipples.
Sam swung her hips around as I played with her button, her tempo increased the faster I went until with a cry she arched her back, her juices running down her inner thighs. She fell back onto the bed, her legs splayed open, gasping for air.

27 days ago

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