Mel and Sam part 2

For the second time in my life, I witnessed her sex. A light dusting of pubic hair surrounded her swollen, flushed labia. My cock jumped at the sight of her laying there.
I looked over at Mel. She was still playing with herself, but when Sam played back, she leaned forward, taking me in her mouth. Expertly, she licked and sucked me until I was throbbing. Then she licked and sucked my balls while jerking my shaft and looking up at me.
Sam caught her breath watching her mother use her mouth on me. She lightly touched herself, slowly trailing her fingers along her body. She took her breasts in her hands, and lifted her knees to her armpits.
"I'm ready, Mamma," she said.
Mel popped my sack free from her mouth, kissed my purple mushroom tip, grasped my shaft and led me to where her daughter lay.
"Go ahead, Bill," she said as Mel raised her arms to me.
I grabbed the base of my manhood, rubbing my tip against her clit a few times. Her wispy hairs tickled my head and shaft as I slid along her wetness. She undulated her hips and moaned.
I placed myself at the entrance of her pussy, between her flushed lips.
"This might hurt," I said.
I slid into her gently, easing my tip in. When my ridge passed out of view, I held myself still. God, she was tight! She cried out, "Yes!" and began to move against me, sliding my manhood deeper into her wetness with the movement of her hips.
I had expected her to cry out in pain as I broke her hymen. Instead, she was sliding me deeper into her slick opening. Soon, our crotches touched, our eyes locked. She was like a vise around my stiffness. Her lips found mine as we ground together. My sack rested in the cradle of her ass crack.
I broke off our kissing.
"Are you okay?" I asked.
She smiled. "Yes, God you feel great!" She said as she moved her hips round and round. My manhood slid along inside her smoothness.
"It didn't hurt?" I asked.
"Oh." She stopped. "No, I should have told you. I'm not a virgin. I popped my cherry a few years ago with mom's dildo."
Melanie's toy was made from a cast of my cock. She loved it because if I had to go out of town, she could still have something of me to play with.
"She loves having it in her," Mel said from beside us. She was laying next to Sam, their heads level with each other. Looking at them like this, their resemblance was uncanny.
"I think she uses it more than I do,' Mel continued.
Sam giggled, then swiveled her hips. "The real thing feels better. You won't hurt me, Daddy."
That's when I began to really stroke into her, pulling back until only the barest edge of my tip was inside her, then plunging deep into her in one long smooth stroke. There was a light smack as our pelvises met, we both grunted. I felt her flexing as I slid in, her swollen button banged against the base of my cock.
A sheen of sweat covered us as we fucked. She put her hands behind her knees, holding herself open to my thrusts. Her breasts jiggled as we my and I pulled away again and again.
Mel's tits shook as we moved. Laying next to us, her hand rhythmically working at her crotch, her eyes were glued to our sweat slicked forms.
Sam began to grunt hard, her face and chest flushing, mouth open, eyes locked on mine. Her pussy gripped me even harder than before, nearly pushing me out of her pussy.
"Oh, God! Oh God! I'm coming!" Sam cried out as she thrashed. Her hands let go of her knees and gripped the sheets. Her feet kicked rhythmically in the air as she cried out. The whole time I continued to pump into her.
I looked at Mel and she smiled at me. I slowed, then stopped my movements. Sam lay gasping.
"Baby girl, can he fuck me now?" Mel asked.
Sam nodded, it was all she could manage.
"Do me from the back and pull my hair," Mel said as she rolled over and put her beautiful bottom in the air.
I slid out of her daughter with a wet, sucking noise, got up on my knees behind her, put my cock between Mel's pussy lips and slid balls deep into my wife with one stroke. We both groaned, finding a quick, hard tempo. Her bottom shook as we fucked like beasts of lust.
"Pull my hair!" Mel yelled.
I grab be her dark tresses as I continued to drive my hips against her. She pushed back against each one as I pulled on her locks.
I could feel the tingle of my orgasm rising, my balls twitching maddeningly. She beat me to it, though, crying out and pushing back as her pussy spasmed around my aching cock.
I was about to let lose in her, when Sam, who by now had recovered from our session, got up on her hands and knees next to her mother.
"Shoot it in me, Daddy! I wanna feel it!"
Mel fell forward and I popped free from her trembling hole. I slid over on my knees behind Sam's nearly identical ass. I grabbed her hips and slid into her, making her bottom wriggle.
"Pull my hair too, Daddy."
I gathered hers in my grip and soon we found the same timing her mother and I had earlier, a fast and rough beat of lust that would soon end in our orgasms.
It didn't take much of that before I released inside her, flooding her tunnel with my cum until it ran down her legs. She groaned with each of my pulses, her grip around me, intense. I think I let off inside her ten times before I stopped. On the last three, Sam joined me in pleasure, squeezing around my rod steadily as it erupted.
We both fell over, shocked at the intensity of our orgasms. All I could do was pant, Sam was the same. I heard Mel laugh.
"Good thing you are on birth control, Sammie. I'd be a grandma if you weren't with all that in you."
Mel started to lick my stiffness that hadn't flagged. She ran her tongue form my tip to my base and back. What she was doing felt heavenly and I lay on my back letting her do it.
I felt Sam stir and move. Her tongue joined her mother's on me, licking. One would be at my tip while the other was at my base. Sometimes they were at the tip together, lashing. They were relentless.
I dug my fingers into their sweaty manes as they licked, my nuts aching as I shot off again. They continued to lick as I spasmed, my seed landing on their outstretched tongues and in their mouths. I honestly lost track of who was doing what to me. I do know they both caught copious amounts of my sticky load, they were eager to taste it.
When I was spent, I let go of their hair. They turned ther attentions to kissing each other, swapping my stuff back and forth between ther tongues. Eventually, Mel swallowed it, then stroked me to get one final pearly drop that slipped from my tip.
"Go ahead, baby girl. This one's yours," she told Sam.
Sam slurped it from my tip with puckered lips, making me jump and cry out in pleasure.
They lay down on either side of me. For a while we three just lay there, lightly caressing each other.
"When can we do that again?' Sam asked.

28 days ago

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