The Naughty Dare I'll Never forget

Years ago when the VCR was invented my Wife
and I were already into taking naughty polaroid
pictures, purchasing my first VCR made it even
better, every weekend I took naked pictures of
her and recorded her performing striptease for
me, it was a wonderful time. We were also into
fantasies and dares coming up with different
sexy fantasies for her to do, one night while
taking pictures I had this idea for a new dare!
to make some PG videos that were Naughty
but classy enough I could show some of my
close friends surprisingly she agreed but
with 3 conditions,

(1) she picks out the outfits to wear
(2) she decides how much she will show and
(3) she will pick which video I could show.

The first video wearing a sexy dress she did a
classy striptease taking everything off except her
bra and g-string. The next video she wore a
sheer top without her bra and a tiny G-string,
her breast clearly visible dancing around showing
off her G-string clad bottom. The third movie she had
a different top again no bra wearing another
G-string only this time she flashed her titties for
the camera. I was starting to wonder how much
she was gonna show in these movies and if she
was really serious about letting me show them.

Each movie she wore less and showed more,
eventually she was dancing wearing nothing but
her nylons and garter belt basically naked.
Somehow she had turned my dare around now
daring me to actually show my friends movies of
her naked, before she picked out her
favorite movies she wanted two more conditions
(1) she didn't want to know who saw them and
(2) she didn't want them to know she knew
in other words my friends were to believe this
was all my idea. Of course she picked out three of
the videos where she was nearly naked showing
her bare bottom wanting my friends to see it.

Honestly I fulfilled the dare and I let a couple of my
close friends see the three movies and never
told her who saw them, we often talked about it
during sex turning both of us on. I will never
forget the Naughty Dare and I don't think she'll
will either. Fun Times we loved every minute.

3 months ago

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