Dad is gone a lot

My mother is the kind of a woman any senior in high school would love to have as his mom. Five-eight, short blonde hair - slim, but not too slim. She’d look good in anything from a bikini to a business suit. She has long firm legs and an equally firm ass that blends into her lower back. Her tits are medium-sized, and when it’s cold in the house her nipples freeze up hard as rocks, sticking out very noticeably. I guess she’s got a nice pussy, too - it’s blonde - like her hair - and she keeps it trimmed. My father is a traveling businessman and has to leave town a lot, so the first thing he does when he returns is fuck my mom. When he’s gone, my mom resorts to her collection of dildos and vibrators. When my dad is gone, my mom gets pretty lonely - which is tough for two or three weeks at a time. She hasn’t slept around that I know of, but I wouldn’t blame her if she did - she would sure have her choice of men. I’ll be the first to admit that I have thought of having sex with her, I just haven't had the courage to try anything.

Then one day my father was gone on a usual business trip leaving the two of us at home like always. My mother was reading, and I decided to make my move - this would be my chance. Even if she said no, it would only be a compliment to her ravishing sex appeal. She was sitting on the couch reading cross-legged when I entered the room, she looked fucking hot, I said to myself. I walked up and stood before her sheepishly as she continued to read. “Hey, mom” I said. “Oh, Hey Sam." I looked at the book my mom was reading. "So, is that any good?" "Ah - the usual shit: guy meets girl, love, they fuck for two chapters and get a divorce.” I had never heard her use that word so comfortably in front of me before - the book must have really turned her on. She looked up into my eyes. I had to act now.

“Mom - I wanted to ask you something." "Yes, Sam?" "Well - I was wondering. Since I’m going off to college soon and won’t be seeing you except at breaks, and since dad is gone so much..." "What is it, sugar?" "Well, I was wondering if you could teach me about - about sex, so I’d be prepared for college, you know." I'm sure my face was red as can be. She set down the book and lay her hands at her sides, cool and composed. “What do you want to know about sex?" "Well... basically, how to have it.” She smiled wryly and looked down for a split second, then stared straight into my eyes, trying to look serious. “Sam - you know what you’re asking me to do for you, right?"

"Yes, but since dad’s gone I’m the man of the house now, right?” My heart started beating faster. “I suppose you have a point there, Sam,” she said slowly, "You are technically the man of the house now, which means you are technically the man I should be fucking when I feel horny..." "Well then,” she said with a naughty grin on her face, “Let’s quit with the technicalities and get down to business - I’m horny as hell." I smiled in reply. Slowly, using each hand as support on the couch, she lifted herself off the seat slightly, allowing her legs to swing out of their position and fall in an arch to the floor. The sun shone in and I saw once again that sweet, shaved golden hair between her legs - she wore no panties. She stood up slowly and walked towards me, taking my hand. She turned and with a sway in her hips led me into the bedroom as my cock struggled against my shorts. She stepped into the room and turned to face me, moving backwards a few paces to eye me over.

“Well, everyone always said you were a handsome man” she said. “But that was with your clothes on. Now we’ll see how hot you are with them off. Strip, Sam - you’ve got to master this before anything else.” I laughed as I flung off my shirt eagerly, then pulled off my pants. I also wore no underwear, and my erection stood quickly at attention. For some reason it seemed bigger than ever before. “Hey - not bad, not bad at all...” she said, smiling and nodding her head. “Well, son - it looks like you came well prepared!”

As she said this she pulled off her shirt in one fluid motion. Those perfectly succulent tits popped right out, and as the cool air hit them, her nipples turned into tiny bullets. She took her hands and rubbed them, then moved her hands to her skirt and pulled it down to her ankles. As she stepped out of her clothes, I could do nothing but stare: with the light shining in from above, she looked absolutely beautiful. Her blond hair seemed to shine - both above and below - and her tits were just begging for attention.

“Well, now” she said, “It looks like I’m the teacher and you’re the pupil. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.” I nodded my head rapidly. “Then lets begin the lesson.” She lay down on her back, spreading her legs apart. I stared at her breathing heavily as she had her knees pointed to the ceiling, waiting for me to fuck her. She motioned with a finger for me to come to her, so I crawled up the bed on my knees and stood between her legs, stroking my hard cock.

Now, you horny boy, fucking a woman’s vagina can be extremely exhausting - both for me and you - so be prepared for the workout of your life! And trust me, since I’m you’re mother, I’m going to expect extra from you!” She reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my cock with both hands. “I’m going to start you off in the missionary position son, but after that I’m all yours.” She pulled my penis forward until the head touched her swollen lips. I leaned forward and placed my hands beside her shoulders. “Now when I tell you to, push into my wet pussy continuously. It will be a tight fit, seeing how huge you are and how long since I’ve been laid, but once you’re in you won’t regret it.

Are you ready, son?" "I’m ready to fuck your brains out, mom!" "Okay, then - push it in, baby - right it into my pussy.” I grunted and pushed my penis into her, moaning as the head of my cock entered, then my entire shaft sank into her slick pussy. Oh, god was she tight! I moved my hips a little, trying to get the feel for her pussy. “Ohhh” she moaned, “It’s been so long! God, I love how you feel inside my pussy!” I started slowly pulling my dick almost out, then pushing it back in, pulling back and pushing in until I found a comfortable rhythm. She wrapped her legs around my hips and tossed her head from side to side, pulling me in closer till our pubic hairs ground together. “Oh, baby - you’re like... ugh, like a mountain inside me! I don’t know how you fit it all in!”

I picked up my pace and was now holding on to her shoulders, pounding steadily into her. With each thrust her perfect breasts jiggled up and down - I almost came just watching her smile and lick her lips. She, too, picked up her pace and started meeting my thrusts, bucking faster and faster against my pelvis. She dug her fingers into my back and held on breathlessly as I jammed my meat into her swollen pussy. I looked down at her pussy and watched as my penis moved back and forth between my mother’s pussy lips, reaching down to catch the pussy juice that squished out of her vagina with each thrust. Touching her clit, I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked her juices. She moaned loudly - very loudly and leaned up to give me a kiss - a kiss so full of tongue and passion that I don’t know how I managed to hold on. She put her arms around my neck and humped me wildly, kicking me on with her heels as her pussy lips began to tighten around my cock. I knew she was almost there - I could feel her stomach tighten and her breathing quicken. Then, throwing her head back and screaming, she came violently - explosively, ramming into my cock and squealing like a mad woman as the orgasm jolted through her nerves. I stopped and stared in astonishment as my mother continued to bounce on my cock - my mother on my cock! To think that I could bring so much pleasure to her! “Holy fucking shit! Ohh... God that was - that was awesome!"

"I haven’t cum yet” I said resuming my thrusting. “Shit, you animal!” she screamed, looking down at my erect cock banging into her pussy. “I don’t know how you do it! But hey - don’t think I give up that easily. I closed my eyes and moaned as my penis burrowed into her pussy. She was moaning loudly too, but I was too concentrated in my own surge of emotion. Her juices were spilling all over my penis and balls as my cock was moving in and out of her. Suddenly I placed my hands on her hips holding her down firmly as I was pounding her the hardest yet. I exploded before I knew it and sent a river of semen crashing into her pussy. She was cumming again now, and as her orgasm peaked, her pussy muscles squeezed the fluids out of my cock in the process.

I was breathing deeply - almost choking, still thrusting my hips in the aftermath, not able to grasp that I had just cum inside my own mother’s pussy. I kept my dick inside her, rubbing her tits and ass until my cock became limp and slipped out. I guess she had fainted, for when I kissed her she did not kiss back. She was red everywhere - her entire face flushed, and her body covered in sweat. I leaned over and sucked her left nipple into my mouth sucking it hard, then harder, before switching to her right nipple. She stirred.“Unghh, what happened?” she asked. "You mean you don't know?" “Oh, so it wasn’t a dream?" "No, mom - it sure wasn’t." "I guess I must have fainted or something." "That’s what it looks like, teacher."

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    • You can become a great smut writer.

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