Wife Trish

We had been married for a couple years and had a circle of friends now and we would have party's at each others house from time to time and after one party at our house well a couple days after that Tris told me that Mel a friend had made a pass at her while she was washing up some of the plates from the dinner.
Most of us were out by the pool and she was working at the sink and we all had been drinking and I guess a little tipsy but feeling good when she felt what was me behind her and press up against her and she laughed pushing back against my body with her butt and then hands cupping her breasts and she reached behind her and grabbed my cock with her hand but it wasn't me she grabbed it was Mel and he turned her around and kissed her,
She was shocked at first then before she could react his hand was inside of her swim bikini's and he was trying to get his finger into her but she pushed him away.
I stood there and at first I wanted to kill him but defended him saying that we had all been drinking and for some reason I was having conflicting thoughts on the matter I wanted to kill him but I also was strangely excited and I kind of wished that I could have watched it.
We agreed not to make a big deal out of it and maybe cause trouble for him and Mary but for days I asked her to repeat each and every thing that he did and one day as she was describing it again she stopped and said hey I think you kind of like that and I admitted that it did excite me then she started making up things to tell me and sometimes she would tell me story's about her single life and the guys she had been with.
Then one nght as she was telling me another story I asked if she would do it for real and we talked over the possibility and she balked when I said that I wanted to watch so after we has sex that night I asked if she would do it if I wasn't there and she said she would think about it .
Later she brought it up again and by now we were having much more sex than we normally did and she said that she would do it but on her own and she would tell me about t later and by now I would have agreed to almost anything all I could think about was her with other faceless nameless men.
Our Daughter Amy was a little over a year old by now and I would stay at home with her while Trish went out to find a guy to fuck.
Our first excursion was an exciting day as I helped her pick out the cloths she would wear and I even helped her dress I had chosen her shear flesh colored Bra that cupped her 34_b-cup breasts and I picked out her shear pantys then her short knee length skirt and powered blue blouse that I liked so well she wanted to leave her wedding band with me but I insisted that it would help her find a guy. ( Every guy has this desire to dip his wick in another mans well ) so she thought that was funny and as she left I felt like I was being deserted knowing that when she returned she would have been with another man and I wanted to call her and say that I had changed my mind but the devil was with me and I couldn't do it I had to go through with it so I watched her drive away she would return later god my insides were in a turmoil the desire of having her get fucked and my other side that kept screaming she is mine she is mine but I took Amy and put her in the stroller and we went for a long walk and it was almost dark when we returned home so I fed her but it was like I was in a trance and nothing seamed really real as I wandered around like a caged lion .
I tied to watch the news but my mind kept forming pictures of her in another mans arms as they savagely fornicated in bed his cock was always twice as big as mine and he was most times a black guy to boot .
I put Amy to bed after dinner that I barely touched and I did the dishes then I began to surf the net watching porn and I found a site about wife sharing and I watched a few clips wishing ir was me taking the pictures and filming Trish with other men I masturbated watching a black guy anal fuck a small wife as her husband filmed it and I caught my sperm in a hand towel .
I kept looking at my watch and 12 o,clock came and went then 1 o,clock came and went and I couldn't sleep my mind raced from one thing to another what was taking so long had she been n a wreck???/ had she been kidnapped ????
I surfed a little more and found a site about guys eating creampies but as I watched it looked sick and I wanted no part of that .
I finally went downstairs and sat at the kitchen table where I could watch the street but I fell asleep and I woke with a start as Trish opened the door and turned on the light.
She saw me and she said oh you surprised me I thought you would be asleep .
Her hair was all mussed up and hanging in her face and her blouse was outside of her skirt and she had tucked her bra inside her purse but the strap was hanging out. I looked at her and her lipstick was smeared and her eyeshadow was all over her face and I could smell her and the aroma was defiantly a freshly fucked smell.
I could see her lips moving but my ears were ringing and I had to shake my head several times then I could hear her saying that she was tired and wanted to go to sleep but I was wild with curiosity and I asked did you...… and she gave me a disgusted look and said DUUU that was what you wanted is it not and I asked did he cum in you and se said of course I an on birth control you know as I followed her up the stirs asking questions and she complained hey I am tired cant we do this tomorrow but I was to unstable at this point so she reluctantly let me lay a bath towel on the bed and she laid back on it and let me spread her legs to get a look at her pussy and I could see her pubic hair matted with his drying sperm and I pushed her legs farther apart and the aroma of their sex was almost intoxicating a glob of his cum had leaked out and was just inside of her pussy lips so with my finger I captured it and looked at it and I could smell the musky male oder I tasted it to see what it would taste like and I could taste my wife there to so I sucked it off my finger and I heard a snore as Trish fell asleep I opened her pussy and her pussy lips were all red ad puffy looking like they were bruised and I could see his sperm all over so I started to lick her trying to see what his cum really did taste like but I couldn't decide so I dug side of her with my finger and Doug out another glob of his cum and I licked it iff my finger It was different but I could also taste my wife so I began to lick her pussy my tongue doug inside f her and Trish came awake saying what are you doing Mark stop that he came in me twice stop that but I had lost control and she tried to push me away but I was much stronger s she finally just relaxed letting me have my way he her body began to respond to me and when she came she flushed more of hi seed out and I licked it up then I mounted my wife a n I added my sperm to is..
I awoke the next morning the next morning and my face felt strange and I looked into the bathroom mirror and It looked like my lower face had been glazed like a donut with his dried cum.
Now some ten years later Trish and I have repeated this many times and after her 7 th lover she agreed to do it with me watching.

At three years Tris went off birth control and she didn't fuck around until we were sure she was pregnant again then she went on birth control again we have a son now to .


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  • Yup. Most women have an inner slut ... they will cheat discretely or with permission. I'd rather have the openness of permission.

  • My wife wants to fuck another guy, but she doesn't want me to watch or even know about it. She says she won't do it unless I give her the ok. I want her to do it in front of me but she refuses. So for now I haven't given her the green light. Although I'm sure she's probably fucked other guys anyway. Most women are sluts like that.

  • So you threw away your wife, and for what ?

  • We are still married.

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