A birthday to remember

My wife (Sam) bought us tickets to go see a ACDC tribute band at a hotel about an hours drive away. It was her present to me for my birthday. She had also booked a room at the same hotel so we could stay the night & not worry about driving back home.
On the day of the gig, we arrived at the hotel about 2hrs beforehand. We settle into our room, we shower & dress for dinner & a few drinks before the gig starts at 8.30. Sam was wearing a very low cut long dress that showed her assets off very well, both from the front view as well as the side. She wore no bra, an extremely sexy look.
The hotel was full of patrons already. The bar area was full of people, as was the large area for the gig. I was wondering how many more they could possibly fit in.
We found our reserved dining table & enjoyed a great feed & a number of drinks. Now my wife doesn't normally drink but she was getting into it & was well on her way to being drunk. She was definitely enjoying herself & getting lots of looks from the guys there. There was one guy, that I noticed, spending a lot of time staring at her & I did see that Sam noticed him too.
Soon enough there was a surge of people moving toward the gig area as the 1st band were playing their part in warming up the crowd. We joined the masses & during their set we worked our way toward the front but fell short by about 3 rows. The crowd were shoulder to shoulder, no room to move.
The 1st band finished their set & we were all waiting for this tribute band to start.
I was looking about the crowd & noticed the guy who had caught Sam's attention earlier, he was about 2 people behind her.
The band started & the crowd surged forward more, we were pushed with it & Sam got seperated from me. She was only 3 to 4 guys away from me, I could see her well enough. I just couldn't bustle my way to get next to her. Although, I did notice that this guy was right behind her now.
The crowd were going wild, jumping & bumping around to the music. I kept looking over at Sam to keep an eye out as well as trying to get over to her.
The band had now been playing for about 30mins now & everyone was really into it. I looked again toward Sam & I could see this guy had reached around her from behind & he had both his hands inside her dress top groping her tits & she was just right into the music & obviously his groping. I watched him let go of her tits, after groping them for 2 songs, he took her shoulder straps off her shoulders & ran his hands down over her tits & exposed her boobs to all who wanted to see & there were a lot looking & waiting to see what may happen. This guy was groping again & I could see him grinding his crutch into her from behind & Sam layed her head back into his shoulder. Another guy was also having a feel of her exposed tits.
He then let go of a tit & I watched as he undone his jeams & got his hard cock out, lifted her dress & getting his cock under there to fuck her. He must've been having trouble as Sam put her hand between her legs to help him get it in to her pussy. Once in he started pounding into her & the other guy was sucking on her tits & had his hand up her dress, playing with her pussy as well as wanking his cock. The guy fucking her was really pumping & had a crowd watching as he pumped one last time & emptied his balls into her. There was a guy beside him who had his cock out & tapped him on the shoulder. They swapped places & she was having a 2nd cock fuck her, meanwhile the guy playing with her pussy had blown his load on her dress, he wiped his cock on it & he went back to the band.
I was forcefully trying yo make my way to her & got there just as the 2nd guy filled her pussy. I grabbed her arm & pulled her my way & his cock popped out all covered in cum, it was a fair size too. There was a 3rd guy ready to go as well with his hard cock out but he was to miss out as I pulled her away.
I got back to where I was & redressed her properly, much to the disappointment of others. I got her to stand behind me so as she could lean on me in her drunken state.
Was only 5mins later I could feel Sam pushing & bumping into me. I reached behind to steady her but felt a hand on her hip, another guy was fucking her again. I moved out from in front of her & it was the jilted guy from just earlier. He had worked his way back to her to get what he wanted. It was then 2 guys grabbed me & held on to me as a 4th guy took his turn fucking my wife before they let me go. They had ripped the strap on her dress, so she had a tit exposed & she was capable of holding it up as I escorted her thru the tightly crowded floor. She was constantly groped as I tried to get out.
Not far from the back of the crowd a young fella stepped in to help me get thru. When we did he offered to help me get her out to the car. I told him we had a room upstairs & so he helped me get her up there. Not once did he try to cop a feel, seemed a real gentleman.
After we got Sam into the room & onto the bed, he actually said how gorgeous she is & I was a lucky man. Sam then sort of came to & sat up. This guy (Kel) was standing right in front of her & Sam just went straight for his pants, undone them & had his cock in her mouth in no time at all. She sat there & gave him the best blowjob, sucked him dry & kept blowing him, keeping him hard. She then sat back & pulled his head to hers & whispered to him. He then went into her toilet bag which was on the drawers beside the bed. Sam gets on all fours on the bed. Kel searches the bag & gets a tube of lube, put some on his cock, lifts Sam's dress over her hips, puts lube on her butt hole & then proceeds to fuck her arse at her request. He was really pounding her arse hard for what seemed a very long time before he fills her butt with a load of his cum.
He couldn't thank her enough as it was his 1st go at anal.
I was just standing there, completely stunned with the events of the night. Yes, we have dabbled in swapping before so I was sort of ok with it but never has she let herself be used like this before.
Sam gets off the bed & walks up to me & tells me she wants the young fella to stay with her, so she can fuck him some more. She then whispers, "this'll teach you to fuck my sister, you don't get to fuck me tonight, sleep on the couch".
She fucked & sucked him all night.
A birthday to remember.

10 months ago


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    • Newly weds Jill and I liked to explore back roads. Once you go 20 miles from the city it's like Alabama. We stop at the Bama Bar (not real name). We're easily the best looking couple there. Jill has a little halter top over her big tits. She's getting a lot of looks, but she's used to it. Everything seems normal otherwise.
      We star playing shuffle board and another coupe challenges us. Cool. They seem nice. Soon Bill and Jill play next to each other, Donna and 20' on the other end. Game over, we win by 2. Donna gets me to the pinball room. Bill invites Jill to play pool in the pool room. Bill seems to be a pretty popular guy here. We hear a commotion from the pool room, "take it off, take it off" I go over and Jill's tits are out, she trying cover them with her arms, another girl twirling her top.
      I usher out to them chanting "shame on Jill, shame on Jill." She said Bill challenged her to strip pool, felt pressured to play, she was alone with this nice guy turned bully. She lost and as soon she took her top off another girl from the bar ran in and took her top, showed her trophy to the bar "Bill got another college girl's tits out."

    • Lies like a democrat

    • Mummy didn't blow you tonight hey, troll

    • Bullshit

    • Haha, someones jealous & getting none

    • I get to fuck on my birthday.

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