Fun with housekeeper

My parents left to attend a wedding. I was all alone in the house as I had a test on Monday. My mom had asked our housekeeper samantha or as we call her sam to make lunch for me and to look after the house.

I need to tell you about Sam, She was around 32-33, short height with a good physique. I don’t know how many times I have jerked off ogling at her boobs and her big ass. After my parents left, I went back to sleep again and I got up late. Sam was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast for me. She asked me to take bath and to have breakfast as she had to put the clothes in the washing machine. I didn’t like her bossy tone and her ordering me irritated me too much.

So I decided that when she come's to my room to get my clothes I'll come out naked pretending that I didn't see her. And so I did and she says

Can’t you cover your…..Oh God……This is very embarrassing and you are acting like a brat today. to which I tell her that Well, you’re the one who is in my room and can't you knock first.

I started jerking my cock openly exposing my cock to Sam shamelessly. She was horrified on seeing me nude and she hit me on my head and said, “Ohfor God’s sake, cover your…..,” Sam looked at me, “How…how dare you do that in front of me, I am like your Aunt! You better stop doing that and cover your damn thing!” you have nice boobs. How many times I have thought about them and dreamt of sucking them when I jerked off. It’s even better looking at them in close range rather than spying on them. Will you show me your boobs ??
Sam was so shocked when I asked her to show her breasts, she turned around intending to go away, but I quickly caught her left hand and pulled her towards me. She lost her balance and she dropped her left hand on the bed to support herself from falling.

Sam gave me an angry look but didn’t take out her hand from my cock. I looked at her pleadingly and she was just staring at my face and my cock simultaneously hiding her emotions. To my surprise, she started moving her soft hand on my cock slowly.

I just lay there, smiling as I surrendered my cock to my sexy Housekeeper. I knew she liked what she was seeing and looked openly at my huge cock now, her eyes softening a bit and a smile appeared on her lips. Then she began moving her right hand up and down on my cock faster now.

Is this what you wanted me to do? Your really so disgusting that you want me to jerk on your cock like this?

Sam with a defeated look on her face slowly wrapped her fingers tightly around my throbbing cock, began sliding it up and down to my cock base. She stared at my pink mushroom cock head for several seconds and slowly lowered her head, pressing her lips to suck my cock.

But to my surprise, Sam started sucking my cock extremely hard taking almost 7 inches of my cock in her mouth. She had closed her eyes as she sucked on my stiff cock and was very eager to make me cum early. She sucked my cock harder and harder, choking herself.

Sam…..I’m going to cum soon!” I groaned. “Unggh! I think I am going to……

On hearing me, Sam tried to remove her mouth from my cock. But I quickly pressed her head against my cock as I badly wanted to cum in her mouth. Sam was not able to release from my firm grip, so closing her eyes started to suck my cock as hard as she could.

I held her head firmly, thrusting my hips up, fucking my cock into her mouth deeper. Sam started to gag. I began to shoot out of my-cum and squirting down her throat.

After nearly a half-minute, my cum-explosion was over, and she raised her head from my cock, dazed and was giving me an angry stare as I had forced her to drink my cum and she was breathing hard. But my cock was still very hard in-spite of cumming just now and was throbbing in front of her face.

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  • Sometimes you got to be kind to be cruel. like they say about the opposite too. because some day soon I hope meghan markle and her sort of female are so loved up and sexed out and lusted after and envied and rich and see so much suffering and pain around them it near kills them. that goes for all of dat royals in uk especially. I just live for that. I live for seeing others who are so rich and so sexed up and loved out that it wears them out. let them hate everything that they desired and wanted. give in and give them the most miniscule and mediocre thing when they say "I wish I was more like..." or whatever, and one bastard I would love see on his face is that Barry Obama, Bracass Buttbuma! himself that thing made me sick when he pulled the finger and farted out that punch line- "be careful what you wish for you might get it" do it back to those dirty bastards. I believe people when they say that fuckturd took money from the small business rich, not the big business rich and now its fucked up the middle class to poverty class and all the richies and poor are rich now, well let them feel how it feels then. give in and let them feel that pain with the happiness and slowly take it from them and then play that song to them everywhere "didn't we almost have it all!" like they did to us. can't wait to see kate and megs and that queen sad before she dies. see how the envious haters like being envied and hated. kate said she was bullied and that explains how she got there and is a bully herself just like mugup and I want as much shit out on that doria. please excuse me for not calling that dirty prison pimp "grace"!

  • I don’t think she would have given in to throw everything all away. Nothing wrong with fantasizing

  • You didn't do anything. Your full of shit! Your probably another masturbating pimply faced kid or you are a middle aged asshole with nothing better to do than come here and post stupid shit like this. I can see right through you. All Bullshit. Total and utter nonsense. Now go wash your face and don't forget to use your pimple cream Billy.

  • The fuck is wrong with u. why don't you wash your face with my piss asshole

  • Did your daddy fuck u when u were little, huh bitch

  • My parents hired this woman to come in daily and do everything, she was far from what you describe. She was large, thighs bulging, boobs as big as footballs. I was still in my bed one morning when she came around to collect the hampers and always slept naked, I woke up just in time to see her leaving my room with mine. My sheet was covering me but the erection was unmistakable, I relaxed back down and thought what a crazy woman.
    Two weeks or so later I heard her in the house so I slid my sheet down and twisted my body around some but my cock was mostly exposed. I had pillows framing my face and watched her come into my room and stare at my cock for several minutes. I could not see her face but she was facing my bed and stood there, she finally pulled my hamper from the closet but stopped again on her way out. I played this game with her for a few months but not always having my cock exposed, most of the time I just left the sheet covering me but the raging hard on was impossible to miss.

  • I cleaned houses for an asshole like this. Little did he know his dad was pumping so much cum in to me I couldn’t have cared less about his teenage cock

  • A lot of men don't understand for women once you have had illnesses like a near death experience and cancer and surgery etc you don't know how to have fun easily.

  • And its hard to do all that and take medications and be brave for doctors and family and you can't drink and you can't go out with friends and party like they do and you often have pain they don't understand. and its worse when you are young in your teens and twenties alone without a marriage and then go through it again in 30s etc its hard to feel like fun. its like what is it? I just had the shit shocked out of me. what the hell is fun?

  • Congrats, you're a rapist.

  • That’s what turns me on about this

  • And your mom is my hoe

  • Did you fuck her

  • That will be his next BS story

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