Why I’m single again

I loved my boyfriend. Sex was good. He used to tell me stories, get me worked up. Often about what other men would do to me. Our neighbour, a bar person, my boss, his friends.
Sometimes they would be because they could blackmail me, they had pictures of me or something and I’d have to have sex with them.
He had pictures of me of course and he would tell me how he showed them to his friends. He would get me to take some. At work, in the toilet, with my skirt up, then pulling my knickers up to show my “shape” and finally my knickers around my ankles or my boobs out. I would burn with embarrassment thinking about how they have seen me but also it drove me wild. Being turned on at work is not easy.
He would invite his friends round or I’d feel bereft when he went round to someone else’s house. He would touch me in front of them, my boob, my bum telling me to take them off , they’d seen them anyway. They watch football, laugh joke, crude, on their phones. I made my excuses and went to bed.
And 2 weeks ago I gave in. I guess had just the wrong amount of smoke and wine, I let him grope my boobs as they watched the game, thinking no one else would see. He got his hand between my legs up my skirt and then in my knickers and I can’t stop him and he’s whispering dirty things in my ear and he’s got my knickers off and he throws them. And I’m mortified and they are like smelling them and throwing them to each other and he won’t let me close my legs. And he covers my face and he calms me and I lie there and he is rubbing me and I start to get in to it I can’t help myself. I come with him whispering in my ear how they are all looking at my cunt (it’s always my cunt when he talks dirty to me) rubbing their dicks. And he doesn’t stop and gradually there are other hands on me and then a mouth replaces his hand.
And then it’s my turn to work and I’m taking the first cock out, the first of 3 not including my boyfriend. I reluctantly agree to suck and then later take a cock and that is how the night goes, the game largely ignored.
And it was amazing, I was very sore, I had cum everywhere and they were sometimes gentle sometimes rough. And I can see how intoxicating this could be. And so how it can’t be for me.
Because I need a boyfriend who will just want to keep me not share me. Who will eventually have kids with me. But I hope he will sometimes whisper the dirtiest things in my ear x

28 days ago

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    • I'm glad you left him. He does not respect you. He was treating you like you were a piece of meat. Hope you find someone who respects you.

    • 4 of them. God 4, I couldn’t. I have never been with anyone else but the thought of that. Sometimes I hate men looking at me and it happens less now much much less. That’s time for u. But them looking at me whilst being rubbed, I don’t know I could stand it.
      A long long time ago, 30 years, on the school bus at the back, 3 boys got my skirt up and my knickers half down and felt me. I was mortified and fought like crazy. But I never told anyone. Thank god the world is a bit different now.

    • My wife likes me telling her stories. She gets on top of me and rubs it against me whilst I tell her how she needs to push her chest out for my boss and bend at the waist not her knees. She pretends to be disgusted but it get her going and she reaches down and puts it in.
      She’s not good at flirting but she has learnt to bend at the waist.
      Thank you I hope u find a sexy man who turns u on but keeps u for himself. U deserve it

    • The janitor walked in on Mrs Doe giving her boss an after hours blowjob.
      They sent the Boss to the office in the desert and gave Mrs Doe a $20,000 Shut The Fuck Up Bonus. Mrs Doe bought Mr Doe a Shut The Fuck Up Harley.

    • Mmm I love the thought of u taking those photos at work and sending them, knowing he might share. Sexy. did they have your face in them?

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