Following husbands wishes

I am a average 53 yr old woman who enjoys sex a lot, lately my husband has been having trouble with erections and sex has been slow for about a year now. he told me on more than one occasion that I was free to find someone to fill my needs. my job requires me to inspect client apts weekly to make sure they are being kept clean at the assisted living facility. I went to a clients apt that has always been very polite he is 35 and black, on several occasions I have noticed he was quite large between the legs. on this particular day i knocked on the door with no answer so i tried the handle and it was unlocked, i went in to make my walkthru and whe i got to the hallway i saw thru his bedroom door that he was lying on the bed masturbating .omg i thought ,it was long and thick uncut and the head was enormous. i got immediately wet and lost my breath for a second, the words of my husband came to me and i began to take my clothes of. he didnt know i was even in there, i knew i needed more lubrication and i went to the kitchen and got some crisco and applied it liberally to my wet cunt. i then turned and went directly in his room telling him i was there to give him a hand. i grabbed his hard cock and began to give him a blowjob wow he is big i thought as he began to fuck my mouth, after a bit i rolled over on my back and spread my legs, he was between them with my legs over his shoulders in a second, he placed the tip of of his cook to my cunt thentook my wrists above my headed pinning me down. i came instantly when the head popped inside me, that made him push more cock in me causing my first orgasm in years
he began pumping me hard and fast i could feel his nuts slapping my asshole i realised then i had taken that huge thing to the hilt. we fucked for a good 20 minutes before i felt him bury that cock in me deep as possible and fill me full of cum. needless to say after that we fuck regularly when i do apt checks and i enjoy it so much


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  • My husband tells me the same thing. He had an accident and can no longer ejaculate. He can get erect but it doesn't last. So he told me to get what I need elsewhere. I love him way too much to do that. Besides he can still do things to make me feel good. But I have no desire to be with anyone else.

  • NO! Never use Crisco. It is shortening and will make a mans cock shorter.

  • Crisco ??

  • Https://

  • Kudos to you.

  • Absolutely wasn’t written by a 53 year female.

  • 53 , both of you very cuckold hags. no one else would want you both so there both you were having affairs til you got too old and others lost interest you back doing cuckold shit. you do know your seriously old don't you.

  • You hating?

  • That is a real sick way to describe sex sounds some action computer game with a joystick. no wonder this stuff turns a lot of people off sex hearing this dirt.

  • Maybe he is sick of you using so many dirty words and he could be having affairs.

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