Married women

When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I had relationships with three different married women. All had the same name. Last one was the best one by far. The first one I couldn’t cum with, no idea why, maybe young and nervous, but I fucked her all day in a hotel room and didn’t shoot. We lost count of the amount of times I made her cum. Second woman was the first one to make me cum. She had a pussy that could squeeze so hard it would stop me from moving. Third woman was the best, great body, perfect breasts, beautiful pussy that was so amazing. We had sex in many places. Even on the floor while her teenage kids were upstairs playing xbox.

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  • I have had several married women and all loved to fuck .Most of them did it to humiliate their husbands. They would let me fuck them in their bedrooms right where hubby slept. or they would call hubby up at work while having sex with me. One devious woman jerked me off into an ice tray, added water and served the ice cubes to hubby in his drinks. This same woman after fucking me
    that day would sit on hubby's face at night so he would be licking up my cum, he never knew.

  • All the married women I have been with were easy to get into bed and loved to fuck

  • I've been with several married women and all were flirts , loved fucking and also loved humiliating their husbands. All would let their hubby's eat their pussies after having sex with me. All would lie like rugs and completely fool their clueless husbands. Some would call their husbands up while having sex with me and talk to them as though nothing was happening. Iwas always amazed at how they they completely dominated their husbands and the men never suspected a thing.

  • In my 20's had sex with 3 married women too. Felt real proud of myself - eating the forbidden fruit thing. Years later I fell bad I took advantage of these taken women -- mostly because I could. And I always had girlfriends to do it with- even single friends with benefits. Some young punk fucked my 40 year old wife(probably 40 times). -- Guess I had that coming. There was a 4th one I don't fell bad about -- and old girlfriend showed up at my place -- her husband was abusing her -- she needed a place to hide. She was a virgin till she married - I took extra pride in fucking his trophy for a month -- even had my only 3 way with one of the benefits girls and her. Sent her back to hubby with her [X] lick pussy box checked.

  • You can fuck my wife Babbs.

  • More married women, even church goers, do this than people think. They are more clever in hiding it than men are.

    I know this from experience. Of course, when I finally caught her it was tears and somehow my fault that she did it.

  • Sounds about right. I’ve never known a woman to be accountable for anything.

  • Did you get her to do anal as forgiveness?

  • Haha! Actually, yes I did.

  • You won't think its so great WHEN you get caught

  • Married women are great till they get clingy.

  • When a woman gets clingy it means she is hiding something.

  • True statement. Experience talking.

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