Poking the cream

I posted a week ago “when i finally fucked her” about fucking a mate of mine (a mates girlfriend) as after a week i had my chance to fuck her again but this time was something else indeed. so after getting her alone Tuesday night i asked if there was a chance for a repeat and she told me to come round today after her bf had gone to work (where i work shift) so i walk round theirs this morning and she let me in, she seemed abit odd and sheepish and awkward, and after an awkward cup of tea i started to give up thinking she wasnt up for it or having second thought but after catching a glimps i realised she was wearing hold up stockings under her dressing gown i called her on it and she said she was up for it but not right now, i went to leave but she made a grab for me and ended up sucking my dick by the front door, she sucks cock amazing, no hands, eye contact, licks my balls and started to take me deep in her mouth, getting all excited i picked her up and carried her to the sofa in the living room, took her dressing gown off to see naked breasts, licked and played with them, then my hand moved down to her wet pussy and after a few seconds i pulled my fingers out to see them covered in cum! cum from her boyfriend my mate that same morning! no more than half hour before i reckon.
well that didnt stop me, i called her a right dirty bitch and stuck my cum stained finger in her mouth and make her lick them clean, she turned into an animal after that! stripped me naked, grabbed my cock, gagge n gobbled on it until i demanded her cum stained cunt! bent her over and pounded the dirty skank over and over again. her cunt was so wet and slippery, my cock glided in and out of her with such ease, it did put me off for abit possibly made me last longer, but as she got up fro havin her face down i grabbed a fistfull of her hair, pull it tight and pounded some more. i pounded that slut calling her things like, dirty bitch, whore, slut etc until i blew my load inside her, i went a deep as i could unload my mix of the cocktail of spunk in her pussy. after she asked if i want to go again i said yes an went for a piss,
it was lucky i came when i did because no sooner had i got back her phone went off, it was my mate, he was on his way to a job and wanted to pop by for another quick fuck!!! i got dress and legged it but by time i go home she rang me n said hes gone if i wanted come back and have another go?
10mins or so later i got there with her wavin me up from the bedroom window, i climbed the stairs and went into their room to find cassie on the bed, sat up, legs open, the hold ups ripped with holes in, her now wearing a pair of heels, her cum drenched pussy on display and her cheeky grin on her face bitting her lip.
i launched myself over to her throwing my clothes off once again, cock straight up into her cum soaked cunt again, my mates fresh load mixed in with mine and his from earlyer soaking my cock, the warm silky feel as with every thrust into her more cum oozed out the side of her freshly fucked cunt, heels in the air i pinned her down an fucked her some more, her moans and wimpers as fucked her face to fuck calling her a dirty cum whore, she loved it, her cunt was alot looser now so i lasted alot longer, changed positions to on our sides to doggy and when i pulled out my cock was covered in a spunk froth, by the time i was banging her from behind again she was fingering herself and thats when she came, screaming the place down, shaking and trembling after, i was so close so i fliped her back over, opened those legs wide, had her heels in the air as i power fucked her as hard a i could till i then blew my second load as deep as i could into her dirty cumdump cunt, her forth load in her in about 2 hours, 2 from me and 2 from her unknowing boyfriend (my mate)
i know im in dodgy territory an this is guna happen again but fuck it was so good! never thought i like fucking a cum stained cunt but she is such a dirty bitch!

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  • What a hot story, pussy filled to the brim a cum cocktail.

  • I really want to take turn on my wife with someone, having each other's sloppy seconds all night. She's down, just have to find the right guy to join. Hot story.

  • I wouldn't want to have friends like you

  • You just don't know that you do.

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