My Lover Shows Up And Meets My Mother

I haven't heard nothing from her for weeks. Thought she probably just lost interest in me, thats ok. A pitty, but ok. And then, this mail, totally unexpected and out of the blue...there she is again, this strong, sexy, confident woman - thank you!
"Last night I was rubbing my wet cunt dreaming of something naughty, I was fantasizing about showing up to your house, your mom would open the door and I’d ask for you. She would think I’m beautiful and wonder what I want with you. She would say your not home and with a seductive smile I’d ask If I can wait for you inside. We would sit and she would make me something like a tea or coffee. I notice her eyes keep admiring my figure, my large breasts peaking out of my dress, my long beautiful legs. I can tell she is thinking about us together wondering if I’m your lover. And she starts to ask, obviously her imagination running wild. I can see her cheeks blush. I tell her that I’m your lover from America and that I’m here to fuck her sons brains out. She’s shocked and aroused by how bold I am. She’s trying to hide how bad she want to see you and me together, how bad she wants me to fuck her too. I can see it she’s squirming in her chair and turning all red I know she’s getting wet for me. She gains her composure enough to pretend to be offended, so I apologize.”Im so sorry you’re right I should have offered myself to you first mam, it’s your house after all. Alex can wait.” I pull down my shirt exposing my pierced nipples and she gasps but can stop herself and reaches out to touch them. She’s nervous so I lead her to a comfortable couch, and strip for her and she starts to touch her breasts watching me still unsure. But I reach down and hold her to me and kiss her. I can feel her melt for me. I start to undress her and kiss her skin. I’m kissing all over her and telling her she’s beautiful as she starts letting out breathy sighs. I have her completely naked and I’m licking and fingering her pussy. And she’s screaming and moaning for me. I can tel she wants to cum. And she leans in and asked me to talk dirty to her she wants to know about how you fuck, what your cock looks like and I start to tell her. She’s melting on my fingers when I say this and her cunt starts squeezing me so tight. I say sometimes he called me mom when he cums for me. And hearing this make her cum. she squirts her cum all over my hand and thigh screaming her pleasure into my breasts.And then we notice you in the doorway cock out hard as a rock. I ask your mother if it’s ok for me to go to you and she nods. I grab you and lay you on the floor infront of her. I ask her if she wants to watch her son fuck me and she’s begging. I sit on top of you your cock not yet inside me with the tip of it on my clit. You’re so beautiful to me and I’m so happy to touch you finally. My cunt is so wet it’s dripping down your balls and ass crack. I start giving you all my attention taking dirty to you calling you a bad boy for being so hard in front of your mom. Im teasing you rubbing my pussy up and down your shaft. Finally I let you In side me and I’m so warm and tight and wet, you loose control. You flip me over and start fucking me hard. Your cock so deep in me and your mom watching spread open on the couch rubbing her pussy she’s so embarrassed and to horny to help her self. Your cock makes me cum over and over I’m screaming your name and your mom is cuming. It’s all to much and you climax deep into my pussy and I can feel you squirt you cum on my cervix. Your mom wants your cum to but she is afraid to ask you. So she come over to me and starts to eat my cummy pussy. Tasting us together, her tongue fucking your semen into me makes her cum harder than she’s ever cum before. And watching her eat your cum out of my pussy makes you so hot you cum again standing over us you hot cum splashes onto my tits and belly as your mothers tongue makes me cum again. Then I’d run her a bath and let her relax while I take you up to your room and play with you all night taking turns fucking each other’s holes until we are sore. Maybe then I’d fuck her again but this time hard in her cunt with a strap on. I like the idea of fucking you both like that. Making your mom call me daddy"

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  • Dang that's a sexy lady! Did she visit?

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