I need to say I'm sorry to Kendall for making her suck me off in the horse barn, she was so fucking sexy for her age, when she changed out of her riding pants she always took off her sweaty wet panties and I would take them and shoot my load all over every pair, I was sure she had stuck her hand in my cum on more than one occasion. Oh god then it happened, she caught me on my knees just as I was cumming and moaning her name, Chris she screams, I cover my dick with her cum soaked panties, I'm sorry Kendall I kept saying as she picked up her clothes, she grabs the panties covering my now somewhat deflated cock and cops a good feel, as she leaves she smells her panties and then licks them on the way to the house. The next day she calls me over when she's changing and I get a solid look at her cunt and was hard, pull that cock out she says and when I did she got on her knees and sucked me off, every day of the summer she did this, I was in heaven. I never got to touch her, just looked, sometimes she would lay down and spread her legs so I could check out her cunt crack, sometimes it was sealed up, sometimes it was open and wet, I could see pink, sometimes her little clit hood was out, I always cummed faster and more when we did it this way. She loved the taste she said, heck I like the taste too I told her, wish I could suck it myself.
I don't know how much cum I dumped in her stomach that summer but it was a lot.

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  • Oh god yes little sisters make the world go round, I've been shooting my cum in my 6yo sister's mouth and cunt for several months now, she usually spits but I know she has to be swallowing a little bit, as far as her cunt I press the head of my rock hard cock in her pink little hole and a lot goes in and some leaks out, I get about half of the head in, it looks like a big suction cup stretched tight on my cock, after I go soft I hoist her cunt up on my mouth and eat her clean and yes she has orgasms. Thank You Lord for little cunts.


  • Thank god for horny little sisters, I was 12 Kim was 10 and she would put the head in her mouth and make me orgasm, she did this until I started spewing a little cum, just hand jobs until she turned 14 and all her friends were swallowing so she started swallowing and still does at 15, she will not let me see or touch any part of her body, ah fuckshit I want to taste her


  • Kendall little sister is now 10 but will not suck my cock but will give me a hand job and let s me fell her hairless pussy but will not let me see it .If I wet my finger I can just about get it in her tight little slit .

  • I should say I'm 16 now, I was 13 and Kendall was 11 when she was servicing my cock

  • That makes things so much worse, your both very naughty and need a really good spanking, I certainly hope it has ceased probably OK for you to wank now but Kendall is even still too young to masturbate

  • Kendall needs my tongue and cock in her blond peach fuzz cunt

  • Its more fun playing with cock then dolls

  • Your both under age should not even be on this adult site, your a very naughty boy really need to have your bum spanked and Kendall should still be playing with her doll's

  • I am 16 Kendall is 14 .

  • How old were you & Kendall

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