My stepdaughter is hot,20 years old,a body to die for,I often wank over her,I spy on her when I can,I've gone one further this time though,I've bought a mini spy camera,I installed it her bedroom and waited to see her naked!! It was awesome,I couldn't take my eyes off it!! But I was in for a better treat,she's started going out with a boy that works with her,she brought him home and they went upstairs to her room like they do!! I remembered the spy camera,oh yes!! I switched it on using my phone,bang there it was,they were kissing on the bed,she starts rubbing his dick through his trousers,he gets up stands at the edge of the bed,she shuffles over pulls his trousers down and takes his cock in her mouth!! Dirty slut I thought 🤪 he helps her out of her jumper,she's got a red bra on,he throws her on the bed yanks her jeans down,she's got matching panties on,mmm they're off in no time,her gorgeous shaved cunt is on show for me!! This lucky bastard buries his head between her legs,he's licking away at her cunt,she's loving it,up she gets on all fours putting her ass in the air for him, bang! Hes up her pussy fucking her bandy!! Wow what a sight, her riding him was my favourite! She loves cock 😋 I've shown my mates the video as they all want to fuck her,if only she knew

11 days ago

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    • Who in the Hell even Dances with Bananas?

      My son is not right in the head anymore he farts all the time in my house and stinks up my house, he puts on my wife's clothes and finds it funny, he plays striptease in front of us at the house, he draws pictures of naked women and looks for real pictures of them on my computer and to top it all of he danced with my bananas; I believe my son is criminally insane.

After I sent him home to his mother where I believe he inherited his insanity from I drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and then took a look back trying to figure out what went wrong with my son, and what made him act so goofy. I think my son needs to see a Councilor because he is not right in the head, and after all he's done to me, he's sent me back to drinking as a result. Than the next week when he came over he tried to dance with my favorite fruit ever, Grapes. 

This time I told his if he did the same thing to the Grapes like he did to my Bananas; I would skin his hind end. I hope now he's straightened up but, I really shouldn't expect much, cause i'm not sure what he'll do next.

Well now he's got my Banjo and is singing songs about Bananas, Hair, People's Feet, and Women and he's Playing these songs with my Banjo while sitting on the toilet taking a s***. Now this is not normal behavior for a 11 year old boy, and I need to get this boy some serious help before I completely lose my mind; either he needs to do some Consoling or a trip to the Looney Bin, I hope something straightens out my Insane Son and I hope it isn't too late.

    • Stupid story fag.

    • I want watched by my real dad

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