Office manager pt2

Ok so after the fuck in the disabled toilet things got pretty intense,I have a van I use for work so it became our bedroom for a while on and off,I brought a big piece of foam and about 4 massive soft throws it was ideal ,she knew a place like a country park that was localish to where we worked,I got to thinking if she's been here before ? Anyway I didn't dewell of it I just wanted to fuck her again and she was well up for it we parked up after work Friday night and there was one car there so we both parked facing the road has the windows are blacked out in the van,bed was already made I did that earlier,in we get and hands all over each other ,she undressed and so did I ,her tits are massive 38 double H her cunt was soaking wet slightly hairy but I didn't care she layed down looking so beautiful brown eyes that just said do what you want to me ,I was between her legs in the 69 position my cock was a foot from her head and I went to work licking her juicy cunt out going to her ass hole and licking around the edge then dipped in she had never had that done before her pussy was just pouring her sweet juice out running down to her ass for me to lap it up we stayed like that and the moans from her were getting louder she grabbed my cock and devoured it sucking like a whore she was slurping on it trying to get my balls in her mouth,OMG she was cock staved
for sure I exploded in her mouth she kept it in and wanted more telling me fuck me please ,I moved on top of her and fed my still hard cock in her soaking cunt and pounded away for ages all the time asking her what are you ,what are you your my slut say it, say it tell me ,she said I'm your slut fuck me please don't stop fucking me , empty your balls in me fill me with your cum ,and I did I looked straight in her eyes and shot my load up her cunt ,when we calmed down I said I'm booking a hotel room next week so we need to take the day off ,that way we will have a proper bed , Tb contiued.

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  • Wife caught me with a nude pic of my girlfriend. She seemed too cool about it. GF has real big tits. 'Nice to see you do more than ogle big tits in a bikini.'
    Then she showed me a crude email her boss sent to coworker, bragging about having sex with my wife -- coworker forwarded to her 'FYI'
    "Bob, every wonder why Mary Beth and I are missing every Friday afternoon, I'm dicking her down in my van.."
    She said she cut him off for bragging so crudely, and apparently the whole building knew now. 'So your hearing it from me before you hear rumors. We're sort of even now -- And you can keep your busty side fuck. I'll probably be unfaithful again too. We deserve each other. and I love you.'
    She's keeping the email to maybe use against him -- if need be.

  • I have a bumper sticker on my van that says, "When this van's a rockin don't come a knockin."

  • Do you really?

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