Office manager pt 2

So after we had fucked there was no going back we both knew that this was going to keep happening,I had her every lunch break in the boiler room I would take a big rolled up piece of foam and some fur type throws and make a bed up there get undressed and wait for her to come up ,she would strip and get on the make do bed I would go down on her pussy it would already be soaking wet and I would turn so we could luck and suck each other , she sucked my cock like a sex staved whore and I loved it ,I would say suck it you slut show me what you can do get that cream out for me and she was making desperate noises like her life depended,she sucked and wanked my cock so hard I had to cum ,I stopped licking her cunt and watched her my cock deep in her throat,then I pulled out said open your mouth stick your tounge out and shot a load of creamy thick cum juice over her tounge she looked in to my eyes all the time I was unloading that juice ,then swallowed the lot put my cock back in her mouth and wanked it hard again fuck she ,we were so horny I slipped my cock in her and she was making so much noise I said be quite we were above the office where 30 people are working ,we fucked for ages I just couldn't cum after the load I'd just given her but we kept going and it happened I unloaded in that juice soaked cunt I pushed in so deep didn't care about her getting pregnant just caught in the sheer lust of the moment,then when I pulled out I went down on her and licked out our combined juice's it was heaven I cleaned her up then kissed her swapping our body fluids,she said that had never happened before so I said I like the taste of my own cum so if she gets to swallow it why shouldn't I get to taste it ,we have been together 3years now there are lots more to tell if you want to hear about it leave a comment to say you enjoyed .

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