I've cummed on many of my 83yo MIL's (Dottie) panties and bras, I've climbed in her bed naked, humped her pillow, put precum on her toothbrush and inhaler. I've pressed my semi hard rod against her backside getting an item off a shelf for her, I think she knew what I was doing, after that day she now kisses me on the lips at family gatherings and I move my lips and hold the kiss a bit longer and she's ok with it. One day stroking it on the couch totally naked she walked in the kitchen, all I could do was to pull the dog's blanket over me. She came in and sat in the rocker and said what are you doing, I so wanted to tell her I was doing it for her, but I said just watching tv as I'm slowly stroking it with her just three feet away and I'm so close to blowing, I didn't stop and I did c u m right there, she looked at me when I moaned and I had to move a bit but I think she felt uncomfortable with the whole thing and got up saying "I think I better go", I did notice she looked very close at my crotch when she got up and walked buy, once she was in the kitchen I lost the blanket and stroked my now rising rod again. I really want to c u m in Dottie's mouth, I hope someday she'll let me.

Update, Dottie has given me several hand jobs and sucked on the head of my cock, I haven't cummed in her mouth yet, but she has tasted my cum both times she stroked me, next time she comes over she's supposed to leave her panties and bra home, can't wait to suck on her tits, I'm hoping to rub my cock on her cunt, I don't think I'll be able to fuck her cause it's been 30 years since her last fucking so I'll have to loosen her up for a bit. It would be awesome if I get to eat her out and make her cum, she's a bit afraid to have an orgasm, oh god what if she died while I was eating her. I'll stay in touch

I've fucked my 83yo MIL Dottie twice in the last month and I have to agree about having a tight cunt, got to use plenty of lube, couldn't get all the way in the first time and I blew my load in five minutes, but I did suck on her tits and eat her and made her cum and she did suck on my cock and swallow my second load. Last Friday I fucked the shit out of her for 30 minutes and got all the way in, we did it doggy style mostly, we started with her on the bottom then me on the bottom with Dottie sitting on it, that's how we got it all the way in, she doesn't have the stamina to ride me for long so doggie style was most enjoyable for her and it did make me cum, she didn't. When I pulled out I went right to her mouth and she cleaned my cock, we 69'ed and I ate my cum and her cunt juices, licking and sucking on her clit made her cum and yes she got me off and swallowed.

Dottie was over yesterday and I got her naked on the couch, sucked on her nipples, cleaned her belly button with my tongue while I finger fucked her, then kissed my way down to her inner thighs and finally tongued fucked her juicy cunt hole, licked and sucked on her clit, make me cum Stevie, make me cum and cummed she did, she had to push me off her clit. I just laid there with my mouth breathing on her pussy lips as I listened to her coming down from her orgasm. When her breath was somewhat normal I climbed up and stuck the head of my cock in her wet hole and penetrated her, she pushed her hips up to meet mine and we were fucking. Her thrusting only lasted about five minutes but I continued for a few more before, oh god Dorothy I'm going to cum and shot a big load into her cunt. I got her dressed and home she went.

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  • I have pics and tried to post to several sites and couldn't do it, any help is appreciated

  • Dottie tastes yummy and she squirms a lot


  • What des an old cunt taste like

  • Fucking nice

  • Holy shit man you are so lucky

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