Bad foot 2

So I met up with the wife and asked her if anything exciting happen while I was awayno she said there where a couple fucking so I watched then moved on ,oh I said shame I missed that, so we found a corner by the big dune and put down our towels and settled down,with in a few minutes she's playing with my cock ,we were both stripped off so I started to rub her cunt it's soaking wet I put in three fingers and fuck her cunt then take them out and lick my fingers and hand clean of her juice,I notice we have company he's about 60ish very tanned and average size cock,he's wanking it afew feet away the wife can't see him so don't say Anything i becken him over to us but put my fingers to my lips to tell him he's got to be quite,so he's at her feet I'm sitting up rubbing her big tits ,she's still wanking me I say move to your front ,that's it lay down there like that , I move to the front kneeing up cock by her mouth I'm leaning forward so I can fuck her face but reach her ass, I pull the cheeks apart and finger her asshole dipping my finger in her ass and then back to her pussy she is sucking so hard now and the noise from her was wild so I motioned the old man to finger her big soaked cunt which he did I had one hand pulling her ass apart and the other fingering which ever hole he wasn't she must have known by now we wasn't alone or didn't she care ,I with hand motions told him to fuck her ,no condom just fuck her hard, he got straight in there and grabbed her hips and ploughed up her soaked cunt ,she knew now for sure because she sucked my cock like it was the only juice left to drink in the world,wow what a whore I've got he banged her I shot off in her mouth he was close she said do it in me cum in me please ,I got hard again and started to wank it up to go again, he looked at me and gave a mighty groan and shot a load up her big wet cunt ,I'm wanking so hard I'm about to spunk again all over her face he slipped his cock out of her wiped it on her ass kissed her back then left ,I said you knew he was there didn't you ,yes she said i thought I'd play dump like you did when you had three of them earlier I said , she looked straight at me and I said I watched you wank two and got fucked by one ,did he come in you ?yes she said I'm sorry it was watching the couple fuck it got me going ,I said I have a real slut on my hands now don't I she said yes wet to her knees and started to suck me again.(Want more?)

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  • Never mind. I thought it was Big Foot 2.

  • Another Bad foot 2? How many bad feet are there?

  • No we don't want more you stupid twat.

  • In the words of James Brown, you should, " Get on the good foot ! "

  • Load of shit just so the poster can wank off

  • Fuck you

  • Really hit the spot didn't it, your a silly cunt aren't you

  • What you on here for grammar checks.

  • My wife's best friend is a guy, he was also a FWB. Worked out well, neither went on dates just to get laid. I'm thankful he kept her Fuck Club to 4: me, him, her old boss (daddy thing) and a BF. I made it clear no more FWB. But they still did the shopping stuff they did before. We're married say 6 months and he's over swimming, the 3 of us are skinny dipping. We usually SD when it just us 3. I notice she seems to be after him. She bobs deep under water near him. I wonder if she has his dick in her mouth. I tell myself I'm just being paranoid, jealous husband. It's dark out. He's holding on to the dive board and his legs are against the wall. I don't see her but ease my way down, she's between legs being held afloat by her armpits on his upper legs and she's giving him a blowjob. I'm pissed and turned on. I go WTF, and she goes "NO NO LEAVE Me ALONE -- let me finish -- you're not my BOSS (daddy issue again)" Bill is embarrassed and we get her down to the shallow end where we can properly spit roast and gang bang her. We had been drinking and she went on this wild nympho thing she couldn't control. Next day she's embarrassed, says she's sorry, no more skinny dipping with Bill. She tells her chick Daddy Issue shrink what happened and that I'm more worried than mad. She tells her most women fantasize about a gang bang, you lived it. And host husbands have the same fantasy and that I lived it. Now don't do it again,

  • Wtf is this all about

  • Now this is just all bull shit, you should be ashamed your a prick

  • And fuck you

  • Asshole

  • Don't be so rude, you cunt

  • Whore bitch

  • Am not

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