Night of the Naked Cheerleaders

Way back in the summer of 1976 I was attending summer quarter at a small college in the deep south. The student population would thin out drastically during the summer. Most of the dorms would close, save a couple. I was living off campus and didn't break my routine of getting coffee and breakfast at the student union hall. One morning I found it full of teenaged girls, much younger than usual. Four of them sat at a table next to me. From their conversation I was able to determine that they were there for cheerleader camp. And, yes, they had the Chinese disease of being, "Tu yung".

However, over the course of a few days they had made a major impact on campus. The two hundred of them had moved into an empty men's dorm. It was two, four story towers, connected by the school cafeteria, a relic from when the school was even smaller. The cafeteria was closed and empty at night. My on campus buddy, Bubba Bean, ran it down for me. He lived in the closest men's dorm almost 100 yards away.

" We wuz out on the railin' drinkin' beers and burnin' doobs when somebody hollered, ' Hot damn, lookit that ! ' It wuz them little bitches runnin' acrost the cafeteria roof, in their underwear ! They was runnin' from the rooms on one side to the other. We started hollerin', and they got braver. Topless, at first, then, buckass nekkid ! I swear ! " Being a recovering voyeur, I suddenly fell off the wagon. I had to see it for myself. I told him I'd be there that very night. He told me, " Bring binoculars, if you got any. Or, take the scope off yore deer gun, and bring it. Leave yore gun at home. Deputy Dawg will take it from you ! " That's what we called campus security.

So, that night, I was at his four story dorm which was more like a motel in that the rooms opened from the outside. The railing was lined with drunks and stoners, some carrying placards with numbers, to grade the teenaged flesh, and daring antics. Lots of gun scopes, opera glasses, binoculars, like mine, and one bird-watching scope on a tripod. We were ready.

And, damn if they didn't deliver. Around nine-thirty p.m. scores of teenyboppers began darting across the roof in various stages of dress and undress. Every body type was on display, but, very few that you could call "fatties", not that it would've mattered. We cheered them all. What we learned : tight asses don't jiggle as much, but, even little tits do jiggle. Pubic hair accentuates bare bottoms from white undies. Even teenyboppers have some serious stripper moves.

The main thing was, like the streaking phenom from two years earlier, this nudity was devoid of lust and was very much, non-sexual in context. None of our group, drunk and stoned as we might be, wanted to rush their dorm. None wanted to approach the girls to leer up close or chat them up. It was a laugh, a lark, something to alleviate our boredom. And, their's too.

As all good things have to come to an end, so it was with the cheerleaders. Somebody got wise because somebody ran their mouths, too much. It was fun while it lasted.

24 days ago

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