GF and the QB

My first year of college my roommate had been the QB at his high school and had fucked many of the girls which he continued doing in college. He often would bring a girl into our room late at night and fuck them while I was already in bed. About half way through our first semester he brought in a very cute blond girl with great boobs. As usual I watched as he had sex with her. She tried to get him to go slow since she said that she was a virgin. After they had sex he left to walk her home to her dorm. While he was gone I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed that there was blood on his sheets. He brought her to our room to fuck for the rest of the semester. But it was evident that he didn't really care for her since he also brought other girl and fucked them.
My roommate flunked out and didn't return for the spring semester. I noticed the blond girl in one of my classes and one day I got up the courage to talk to her. A few days later I asked her out. I met her at her dorm and we went to a movie on campus. Then I asked her if she wanted to come up to my room and listen to some music. She said okay and when we got into the room, she realized that she had been in the room before. She asked me if I was the QB's roommate and I said that I was. She asked me if I was awake and if I had watched them fuck. I told her yes. She then asked me what I thought when watching them fuck. I told her that I thought that I would really like to be the guy that was fucking her. She said how about you fuck me now. I said sure. It was great! I was fucking the blond girl that I had thought and dreamed about fucking and got to lose my virginity with her.
We dated all through college and got married after living together for two and a half years. When I asked her to marry me she asked if I was sure that I wanted to marry her since I was not the first guy to fuck her. I told her that I did. She asked me if I was sure that I wanted an experienced woman and I told her that I was sure I did.

1 month ago


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    • My advise, what happened in the past says in the past. You won! You get to enjoy her in your bed every night.
      My wife and I grew up in a small rural town and attended the same small high school during the late 80s and early 90s. The only entertainment we had on the weekends was to sneak off to a friends secluded property to drink, bonfire and have sex.
      Long story but before my wife and I started dating, I've seen her have sex with 3 of my friends Doug, Bobby and Tim.
      However, I have had sex with Christi, Tim's current wife Tracy, Bobby's wife and April Doug's wife.
      Looking back we were lucky there were no 'surprises' because no one used a condom either.
      We're all friends to this day and still get together for a couple of BBQs each year and twice we all chipped in to rent a beach house with our families for vacation.
      We all have our own families now and get along fine. Heck, we were in each other's weddings too.
      As far as I know, no one has strayed from their vows.
      I guess for some people it would be awkward to be in a room with 4 couples and at one time all the females have had sex with each of the men during separate times in their lives.

    • My wife dated two of my best friends before we had any inclination toward each other. I'm actually glad she did, because it gave us a lot of time to build a solid friendship without any sexual pressure. My buddies were both great friends but lousy boyfriends. For the first one, my wife was the third girl that he'd dated who eventually got sick of his cheating, broke up with him, and ended up hooking up with me. A couple years later my wife ended up hooking up with one of his subsequent ex-girlfriends too!

      My other buddy was only with my wife for a few months, but one night the three of us were at my buddy's place and the two of them started making out. They got pretty hot and heavy right there on the living room floor. I think he didn't care if I was watching. I later found out that she already had feelings for me by then, so she may have used it as an opportunity to show off and tease me. It worked, and that was the moment I realized I had the hots for her too.

      The unintended side effect is that I developed a HUGE kink for watching her with other men and women. Decades later, it's something we still enjoy.

    • I like how you watched her give her virginity, her Christian innocence, to your roommate.
      What was it like when you saw him climb onto her and angle his penis deep into her innocent virgin pussy?
      Did she close her eyes as he slid it in?
      Did he enter her slowly?
      Was he gentle?
      I know many guys like to go in gently, for the virgin girl's comfort.

      Did he wear a condom? If not, what was it like knowing there was nothing to protect her sweet pussy from his spermy cum, which shortly exploded deep inside her?

      As you watched them fuck, you fantasize about pushing your cock into her and exploding your love in her?

      You like watching her give her body to man for the first time?
      I know I would've wished I could've been the first to enter her...

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