Pregnant Attraction

I have always found pregnant women very arousing. When I was in college I saw a girl and it was obvious that she was pregnant and she was not trying to hide it. We were at a party and I noticed her sitting with two other girls and she looked so sexy to me with her belly starting to show under the halter top and above her low cut jeans. Her two friends got up and as soon as she was alone, I sat down near her and introduced myself. I asked her out for the next night and she said yes.
After we saw a movie and had dinner we were walking back to her dorm and she told me that she was pregnant and when she told the guy he broke up with her. I told her that I had immediately noticed that she was pregnant and that I found that it excited me. I left her at her dorm and went back to mine. I saw her the next day and I asked her out again. She was surprised that I wanted to date her again. We dated for several weeks before we were in her dorm room and she let me touch her growing belly. I immediately got and erection and we had sex. It felt great sticking my virgin dick into her obviously none virgin hole. We had sex several times a week as her belly grew and I accompanied her to the hospital where she had a boy. When she needed the father's name for the birth certificate I learned that it was a football star. I went outside the birthing room and told the nurse my name and I was put down as the father. The next day my girlfriend saw my name on the birth certificate and said that I didn't have to do that. I told her that I loved her and we got an apartment and both finished our college degrees. We were married shortly after and this boy became a big brother to two girls that we had together.

3 months ago

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    • The same happened to me but our first child was black.

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